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  • 2014 IBM Corporation 1

    Develop Mobile & Internet-Connected Apps With DB2 and Informix

    June 04, 2014

    Presented by:

    Jef Treece and Shawn Moe

  • 2014 IBM Corporation 2

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    A few details .

    Jef Treece, Informix Product Manager

    Todays Technical Presenters . . .

    DB2 Tech Talk series host and todays presenters:

    Rick Swagerman, Host

    DB2 Language Architect

    Shawn Moe, Software Architect

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    The information contained in this presentation is provided for informational purposes only.

    While efforts were made to verify the completeness and accuracy of the information contained in this presentation, it is provided as is, without warranty of any kind, express or implied.

    In addition, this information is based on IBMs current product plans and strategy, which are subject to change by IBM without notice.

    IBM shall not be responsible for any damages arising out of the use of, or otherwise related to, this presentation or any other documentation.

    Nothing contained in this presentation is intended to, or shall have the effect of:

    Creating any warranty or representation from IBM (or its affiliates or its or their suppliers and/or licensors); or

    Altering the terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement governing the use of IBM software.

    Performance is based on measurements and projections using standard IBM benchmarks in a controlled environment. The actual throughput or performance that any user will experience will vary depending upon many factors, including considerations such as the amount of multiprogramming in the user's job stream, the I/O configuration, the storage configuration, and the workload processed. Therefore, no assurance can be given that an individual user will achieve results similar to those stated here.

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    BLU Cognos Demo:

  • 2014 IBM Corporation


    Internet of Things and Mobile Intro - Jef Treece

    Some Implementation Details Shawn Moe Where we are coming from Dojo Mobile Toolkit Cloudant Bluemix WorkLight Genero Mobile

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  • 2014 IBM Corporation

    Data Cloud Engagement

    New business models are placing demands on mobile and data apps

    A systematic approach to

    engagement is now


    Cloud demands and enables new business


    Data is the new

    basis of competitive


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  • 2014 IBM Corporation

    Social Media

    Cloud Computing


    How long will

    users wait?

    Internet of Things

    Define real-time, please

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  • 2014 IBM Corporation

    Key trends motivating mobile application developers

    Supporting the business trends more interactions

    In 2013, smartphones overtook non-smart phones globally (>50%) mind-share of non-mobile is dwindling ability to eat your own dog food

    Android + iOS now make up well over 90% of smartphone sales consolidation capture broader base with fewer ports

    The app market was worth $70 billion in 2013, expected to double by 2016 developer interest in a growing market for making $$

    Android now mandatory its only a matter of priority which one to do first 70% of developers that target mobile create apps for Android the market is now flooded with Android platforms easy to obtain

    Tablet users grew by 3x from 2011 to 2014 (U.S. 90 million 2014) widespread use is replacing desktop and laptop as primary platform

    Internet-of-things goes hand-in-hand with mobile access devices and data from everywhere end users now expect a mobile app to access the things

    NoSQL Market

    $14 billion 2013-2018

    Digital Ads

    Fraud Detection


    Market Analysis



    Customer Loyalty


    Data requirements also changing

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  • 2014 IBM Corporation

    Some general approaches to mobile app development

    Mobile web sites (HTML, CSS, PHP, and other standards, with mobile device detection) lowest on the UX scale, with network-dependent performance lowest on the NX scale, no access to device features

    Mobile web applications (typically HTML5, JavaScript, and other standards) more modern version of web apps which leverage devices better; decent UX typically moderate dependency on network connected-mode can be designed to work without mods on wide range of devices

    Cross-platform frameworks (write once, run everywhere) cross-compilation, produce complete native apps from common code base

    Hybrid special case of cross-platform HTML wrapped in a native container, install app on the device in a standard way typically supports some level of disconnected-mode

    Native applications developer kit for the device tools, IDEs separate code lines per devices, but best UX and NX

    UX = User Experience

    NX = Native Experience

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  • 2014 IBM Corporation

    What are some key developer tools and languages for mobile?

    Demand for Python, Java and Javascript remains strong ASP.NET and C# decreasing Objective C demand almost double that of Android RESTful APIs in demand Limitations of unstructured databases are driving requirements for hybrid SQL/NoSQL solution

    for speed, simplicity and flexibility

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  • 2014 IBM Corporation

    Our world is getting smarter

    Digital technologies (sensors and other monitoring instruments) are being

    embedded into every object, system and process.

    All the data generated by digital technology is providing intelligence

    to help us do things better, improving our responsiveness and our ability to predict and

    optimize for future events.




    In the globalized, networked world, people, systems,

    objects and processes are connected, and they

    are communicating with one another in entirely new ways.

    Internet of Things solutions implement the three basic principles, Instrumented, Interconnected and Intelligent systems of Smarter Planet

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  • 2014 IBM Corporation

    Connected Life forecast $4.5T in 2020

    Connected Life is everything that is connected and how they interact: cars, mobile devices, buildings, sensors and people

    Top Ten in 2020 1. Connected Car $600 billion 2. Clinical Remote Monitoring $350 billion 3. Assisted Living $270 billion 4. Home and Building Security $250 billion 5. Pay-As-You-Drive Car Insurance $245 billion 6. New Business Models for Car Usage $225 billion 7. Smart Meters $105 billion 8. Traffic Management $100 billion 9. Electric Vehicle Charging $75 billion 10. Building Automation $40 billion

    NY Times: A Messenger for the Internet of Things

    Wall Street Journal: IBM Tackles Machine to Machine Big Data Deluge


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  • 2014 IBM Corporation

    Nexus: mobile devices and IoT

    Explosion of mobile has created new opportunities for IoT

    Explosion of IoT has created new demand for mobile

    Past Present Future

    Proprietary and special-purpose

    devices for accessing IoT

    Mobile devices, which most

    people have already, and apps

    Cloud and mobile provides

    everywhere access to IoT

    Expensive gadgetry Affordable IoT devices Commodity, pre-integrated

    Wide range of protocols, mostly


    Consolidation of protocols and


    Internet-ready widgets

    Difficult to connect. Low-level


    Software libraries and gateways

    take care of the dirty work

    Automated discovery and plug-in ready value

    Ad-hoc data models JSON universal internet language Timeseries, JSON, cloud

    Barriers to adoption are

    dropping rapidly

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  • 2014 IBM Corporation

    Technology shift: consumers lead the Internet of Things

    Today Tomorrow Integration

    A few connected

    devices per



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