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  • Photo from Flickr by @TheTechBox The Media Addic+on
  • how does one KEEP UP? In this FAST PACED world, Photo from Flickr by @tuanland
  • Photo from Flickr by @NathanRupert is more important than capturing the MOMENT In a world where capturing a PICTURE
  • In a world where... one-Hh of THIRD- GRADERS own cell phones -CNET Picture from Flickr by @AshleySwirczek-Bowns
  • So is social media the answer? Photo from Flickr by @mkhmarkeFng
  • Where KEEPING UP means one must monitor and BALANCE a copious amount of social WEBSITES, PLATFORMS and DEVICES. Photo from Flickr by @Giovanni
  • THIRTEEN percent of the world is on FACEBOOK - The Globe and Mail Photo from Flickr by @NasaChaser
  • Keeping in mind that only THIRTY FOUR percent of the world has access to the internet - Photo from Flickr by @JamesPens
  • 17 000 feet, Mt Everest, Nepal- The worlds HIGHEST internet caf BBC News Photo from Flickr by @DldrlkJohnck
  • Technology and social networks seem to be REPLACING physical interacFon
  • And were the ONLY ones suering from this
  • Smartphones conFnue to BURROW their way into our lives, and wearable devices like Google Glass THREATEN to erode our personal space even further NY Times Photo from Flickr by @PeterPenslow
  • This has lead to RULES being implemented to help us DISCONNECT Photo from Flickr by @DanHemp
  • PHONE STACK: AHer everyone orders, they stack their phones in the center of the table, face down. Even as the phones buzz and ring throughout the meal, no one is allowed to grab his device. If someone is unable to resist the smartphone's siren's song, he or she is responsible for picking up the check. Hungton Post
  • These social WEBSITES, PLATFORMS and DEVICES allow us to hide ourselves while we express our OPINIONS Photo from Flickr by @MarianaB
  • In reality, we would not say half of those opinions FACE TO FACE Photo from Flickr by @RyanSeyeau
  • We are under the impression this can MIMIC real social interacFon Photo from Flickr by @JanePeal
  • BUT WE ARE WRONG Photo from Flickr by @Ollikek
  • And the generaFons to come, will lack those much needed SOCIAL SKILLS Photo from Flickr by @FauzulHossein
  • Let us REMEMBER social media does not completely REPLACE real conversaFon
  • It is only a supplement of physical HUMAN INTERACTION Photo from Flickr by @RudolfD