Opening remarks UX+DEV SUMMIT 2016

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  • Thanking Sponsors

  • Thanking Sponsors

  • 13 Years + Experience Passionate About UX Love BEEF! :) Family Driven

    Ignacio Garcia-Huidobro UXC


  • WHAT IS UX+DEV SUMMIT?Let me tell you a little story...

  • Getting Inspired!

  • Airlock

  • Meet Airlock

  • The Process

  • The Validation

  • Retrospective

    Holistic Understanding Required Research...How do they currently use Siri and Google Voice. Struggles?

    Validation. Need Data! Low Fidelity Vision - Roadmap Helps Frameworks, Guidelines, Savvy? Get Started Designs Developer Spent Time Building The Product Highly Struggled On The Front-End. Motion, Alignment, Colors, Fonts, etc...

  • The UX Developer

    The UX Developer

  • The UX Developer

  • Why Does A Company Need One?

    An added asset for the design team and designer. Helps solves technological questions for stakeholders and

    during design sessions. Assists the UX Designer in visualizing interaction components

    and help build rapid prototypes when needed. Helps push the bar in creativity and technology. Assists during user testing and annotates from a technology

    perspective. Understands user experience principles and champions ux.