RightScale: Join the Cloud with the Right Cloud Management Platform

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Conference session by Sergey Sundukovskiy at OSCON 2010, The O'Reilly Open Source Convention (http://www.oscon.com/oscon2010) on July 19-23, 2010


  • 1. RightScale: Join the Cloud with the Right Cloud Management Platform Conference session by Sergey Sundukovskiy Choosing a Cloud Provider is only the beginning of the Cloud journey. Hardly any Cloud is able to support an Enterprise Environment simply by itself. The nature of the Cloud Com- puting paradigm differs from a traditional hosting environment. Hence, software product providers develop Cloud-targeted and Cloud-optimized editions of their software. To take advantage of these optimizations, in the majority of cases, a Cloud Provider needs to be coupled with a Cloud Management Platform, such as RightScale, enStratus, Plesk, or Eu- calyptus. This session is going to discuss the opportunities and challenges of deploying the RightScale Cloud Management Platform in a typical Enterprise Environment.SESSION DESCRIPTION While attending this session, you will get expert advice on the Cloud Management Plat- form selection process. In particular, this session will go into a detailed evaluation of the RightScale Cloud Management Platform as the platform of choice. The speaker will re- view a list of federated services provided by the RightScale Cloud Platform. We will look at such federated services as logging, security, server provisioning, database provisioning, distributed authentication, metadata mapping, federated search, integrated views of data, cross-repository synchronization, distributed caching, performance monitoring, auditing, distributed database management, and single sign-on.OUTLINE What is RightScale? The RightScale Cloud Management Platform allows users to control, administrate, and support the life-cycle of Cloud deployments across multiple public or private clouds. At the beginning of the session, the speaker will give a brief overview of the Rightscale Cloud Management Platform and discuss its basic features. Why RightScale? You will learn how the RightScale Cloud Management Platform helps meet the re- quirements of varying traffic and load conditions, as well as how to manage and moni- tor deployments, set alerts, and manage auto-scaling. The speaker will discuss retain- ing visibility into all levels of your Cloud application, as well as how to manage, moni- tor, and troubleshoot applications with total control. RightScale Recommended Use In the course of the session, you will learn if the RightScale Cloud Management Plat- form is the right solution for your particular Business and Technology Environment.

2. RightScale: Join the Cloud with theRight Cloud Management Platform Conference session by Sergey Sundukovskiy The speaker will focus on selecting the most appropriate combination of a Cloud Ven- dor and the Right ScaleCloud Management Platform coupled with suitable Cloud products. A number of real-world use cases and scenarios will also be discussed. RightScale Challenges During the closing remarks of the session, the speaker will discuss some challenges that were encountered during the implementation of real-world Cloud deployment pro- jects. The discussion will include such issues as database clustering, Cloud Provider coupling, as well as the potential cost escalation.Finally, you will be able to participate in a question-and-answer session, discussing the challenges related to your specific Cloud Computing needs.SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY Sergey Sundukovskiy has over 15 years of experience serving in capacities ranging from Senior Architect to CIO, including experience in building IT organizations from the ground up in both start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. Sergey specializes in intra-company and offshore system and product development, Cloud Computing, project and resource man- agement, cross-functional training and strategic planning. Sergey holds a B.A. in Comput- er Science from the University of California, San Diego, and an M.S. in Information Tech- nology from the University of Liverpool, as well a Ph.D. in Information Technology Man- agement from the School of Business and Technology, Capella University.COMPANY BACKGROUND Technofella is an Executive For Hire consulting company that offers a wide range of tech- nology and business services. Technofella targets its services to Start-Up and Mid-Market companies that either cannot afford or do not need a full-time technology or business ex- ecutive.Technofella helps Start-Up and Mid-Market companies avoid costly mistakes at the strate- gy and execution stages of business planning and implementation. We have seen literally hundreds of cases where companies incur too much IT or Business Debt that then hin- ders their continuous development for years to come. We firmly believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We help you find the right balance between tactical achievement and strategic continuity.