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  • 1.Face RecognitionBy: Deirdre Keane and Kathleen Reilly

2. the ability of acomputer to scan, store,and recognize humanfaces for use inidentifying people. 3. Biometrics Biometrics consists of methods for uniquely recognizinghumans based upon one or more intrinsic physical orbehavioral traits. Examples of biometric systems are: Signature Retina Finger Prints Hand Voice Geometry Iris Ear Geometry Face 4. The History of FaceRecognition1964-1965 19701973Connectionist 1988 1991 2001Bledsoe, Wolf, and Bison created the first semi-automatedsystem Goldstein, Harmon, and Lesk use markers to automate the recognitionFisher and Elshlagerb take a face template and map it onto a globaltemplateConnectionist Approach: uses gestures and identifyingmarkers and Sirovich pioneered the eigenface KirbyapproachTurk and Pentland enabled a reliable real-time automated face recognitionsystemFace Recognition first captured the publics 5. FaceDetection FaceRecognitionFace FaceIdentificationVerification 6. Face Recognition ProcessImageAcquisitionDeclaring A ImageMatch PreprocessingFeature Face Detection Extraction 7. Face Recognition Methods Direct Correlation Function-Based Method Principal Component Analysis Geometry-Based Methods Elastic Graph Matching Face Geometry Three-Dimensional Face Recognition 8. Direct Correlation 9. Principal Component Analysis(PCA) 10. Elastic Graph Matching 11. Face Geometry 12. Three- Dimensional 13. Benefits Limitations1. Checks for criminal 1. Quality of Database recordsImages2. Enhances security by using surveillance2. Quality of Captured camerasImages3. Finding lost children from public cameras v3. Database Sizes4. Know in advance if a VIP is enterings. 4. Ineffectiveness in PublicPlaces5. Detection of a criminal at a certain place6. Pattern recognition 5. False Identifications7. Used in science to compare an entity with a6. Ethical issues set of entitiessurrounding facialrecognition technology 14. Question? Name something face recognition is used in ourgeneration today. 15. Face recognition in marketing Once the stuff of science fiction and high- tech crime fighting, facial recognition technology has become one of the newest tools in marketing, even though privacy concerns abound 16. Facial Recognition in Business 17. Face Recognition in advertisingCompanies using facialrecognition: Where wecan expect tobe advertisedKraftType of personto:Adidas advertisingKiosksScenetap Vending MachinesDigital Signs 18. Tag Uses face recognition software toSuggestion suggest peoples names to tag ins pictures without their permission 19. Question for discussion: Do you think the tagging feature is perceived as apositive or negative feature to most of the cybercommunity? 20. Facebook and FacialRecognition 21. Carnegie-Mellon Facebook studyGoal: "that it is possible to start from an anonymous face in the street,and end up with very sensitive information about that person." The resultswere "made possible by the convergence of face recognition, socialnetworks, data mining and cloud computing - that [is referred] to asaugmented reality." Facial Recognition in the future Tests performed: could used to..-On campus identification via collected facebook pictures Identify strangers- Dating site profiles matched to faceook Get social security numbers profiles Gain personal information 22. Facial Recognition Major Risk: Privacy Handing stalkers their material and its new face-recognition feature could become the latest example of aseemingly innocuous development morphing into a serious threat to the privacy ofour (visual) data. 23. Cloud Based Facial Recognition PittPatt relys on finding publicly available pictures ofyou online whether its a profile image for social networks Facebook Google Plus company website college athletic portrait.Just recently acquiredby Google 24. Facial Recognition in smart phonesAugmented IDAnd all of this data can be accessed just by aimingyour mobile phone atsomeones face 25. Questions1) What application has Google consistently used face recognition on since 2009?Picasa2) This local place has same kind of photo database asFacebook and some of them have wisely incorporated facialrecognition technology to prevent identity theft (and identitycreation)Your localDMV3.) When was face recognition introduced to the world?