Talk Pro Walkie Talkie H450A

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  1. 1. Talk Pro Walkie Talkie H450 AWalkie Talkie Purpose: Airports, Ports, Tunnels, Large Factories, Infra/Construction industry-rough usage Users with heavy talk time. Battery: 2200 mAh (Li-ion) Talk Time: 48 Hours Torch: Xenon 15ft beam Weight (with Battery): 252 gms Power: 5.5 Watt Display (LCD): NO MIL STD 810 C,D,E,F: Yes - Rain / Dust resistant Number of Channels: 16 Keypad: No Price: 7,750/Additional Features: 2 tone signaling, whisper mode, internal noise cancelling, xenon torchlight, best suited for users with long talk time. Warranty: 1 Year on Radio For More Details: