Thinking About Mobile: Reaching Women Through Mobile

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Some preliminary thoughts and recommendations on how to think about mobile, especially when looking to reach women via mobile.


<ul><li>1.Reach Women Through Mobile Tell your Stories Through Mobile Think More About Mobile</li></ul> <p>2. MiBuys, May 2010Women Love Mobile 93% of women surveyed feel they would be lostwithout their mobile device. 3. Mobile is a Gateway Community Conversion Commerce 4. Mobile is a Platform Conversation Curation Convenience Connection Collaboration 5. Life Experiences Interactions Work Learning Play Mobile is a Touchpoint 6. Mobile Apps are... Fun Useful Addictive Portable 7. Mobile Marketing is... Intimate Accessible Emotional Essential Tangible 8. Nielsen Mar 2010; Brian Solis Apr 2010 Are women ready for mobile community and collaboration? 9. 55% women surveyed use mobile social networking compared to 45% men. Women Love Social Mobile Nielsen Mar 2010; Brian Solis Apr 2010 Women Love Social Mobile 10. Nielsen Mar 2010; Brian Solis Apr 2010 Are women ready for mobile advertising and m-commerce? 11. MiBuys, May 201084% of women going online via their mobile device have noticed mobile advertising.57% have clicked on a mobile ad. Mobile Consumers 12. ForSee Results, Jan 2011 Mobile commerce for holiday shopping 2010 increased by 550% over the same period in 2009. M-Commerce is Coming 13. ForSee Results, Jan 2011 Whats Hot in Mobile? + 14. s Go for Mobile Goals Build Serve Educate Support Sell 15. Web Social Media Partnerships Retail Product Events Integrate Mobile 16. Directories Website Reviews Offline PR Events Online PR Mobile Partners Social Media Packaging Market Mobile 17. Think More About Mobile created by Aliza Sherman [email_address] </p>


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