Top 10 Best Pest Control News Stories of 2013

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Excel Environmental Services is Glasgow's leading independent pest control company. We have provided our pick of the best pest control news stories from around the world. From Seagull attacks, pump action insect guns to Iranian snipers we've got it covered.


<ul><li>1.Top 10 Pest Control Stories of 2013s From Storie obe cking The Gl Sho round A</li></ul> <p>2. Pest Control News Round Up 2013 By Excel Environmental Services Pest Control Glasgow 3. We Wanted To Round Up The Most Popular Pest Control News Stories From Around The Globe 4. of 2013 5. Number 10. Rentokil - Pestaurant August 2013 Source: The Independent 6. The Independent reported that Rentokil opened a pop-up Pestaurant serving Maggots, Ants, Pigeons and Worms la carte 7. Your can read the original Independent news article here Keep up with the latest news on the Pestaurant on the Rentokil site here !And find out how the natives of Edinburgh got on when the pop-up Pestaurant visited the capital here 8. Number 9. Bug-A-Salt - Pest Control Tech September 2013 Source: Timorous Beastie Pest Control Blog 9. In September (2013) we were introduced to the BugA-Salt by Timorous Beasties Pest Control Blog 10. The story initially introduced a range of new and strange pest control technologies. But it was the Bug-A-Salt that stood out 11. The Bug-A-Salt How does it work?Powerless pump action Fires regular table salt Kills insects efficiently &amp; effectively 12. Your can read the original blog post by Timorous Beastie, a Glasgow based pest control blog here !The main Bug-A-Salt product website can be found here 13. Number 8. Crime Fighting Rats September 2013 Source: BBC News 14. The BBC back in September (2013) reported that a small select group of Rats we being trained to fight crime 15. in Holland (or The Netherlands) The Dutch police picked &amp; trained a specially selected group of Rats to distinguish between a range of odours 16. Drugs, Guns, Money, Explosives 17. You can read more about the crime fighting Rats over on the International Business Times website here !If youd like to watch the Rats in training head over to the BBC News site here 18. Number 7. Maine Locals Fined for Feeding The Pigeons June 2013 Source: Bangor Daily News 19. The Bangor Daily News reported that the local council in Maine (USA) started fining local residents for feeding Pigeons 20. The original Bangor Daily News article can be be found here 21. Number 6. 5 kg 1 Meter Long Rats Found In China October 2013 Source: The Daily Mail 22. The Daily Mail reported that locals in the Shaoyang region in China caught and killed a Rat weighing 5 kg and measuring 1 meter in length 23. The full giant Rat story from the Daily Mail can be found here 24. Number 5. Royal Mail Cancels Deliveries Due to Seagull Attacks July 2013 Source: The Guardian 25. Every British summer time brings with it story after story of diving and swooping Seagulls terrorising our towns and cities 26. despite this, as the Guardian reported this summer, the Royal Mail cancelled deliveries at a street in Cornwall due to aggressive Seagull diving 27. According to the Guardian the Royal Mail took this decision to ensure the health and safety of their staff members 28. You can read the original article on the Guardian website here !OR you can watch an interview with local residents on youtube here 29. Number 4. Iranian Snipers Target Massive Rat Infestation April 2013 Source: The Huffington Post 30. The Huffington Post reported that Iran had experienced its largest ever snowfall, resulting in massive sewer flooding 31. As a result an estimated 25 million Rats became active within the city of Tehran Local authorities failed to eradicate the problem with 45 tons of vermin poison 32. The Iranian government stepped in and ordered army snipers to cull the Rat population one-byone 33. You can read more about the Iranian Rat control methods on the Huffington Post website here 34. Number 3. The Largest Rat Extermination, Ever July 2013 Source: The Guardian 35. The Guardian reported this summer that the small southern atlantic ocean island of South Georgia had a major Rat problem 36. According to the report, the local bird population were at serious risk of extinction due to the Rats eating their eggs &amp; young 37. The local government planned to eradicate the total Rat population by dropping 183 tons of Brodifacoum (poison) on 224 sq miles of the island 38. You can read the full South Georgia Rat eradication story on the Guardian website here 39. Number 2 . Terrified: Rats Appear Up The Toilet June 2013 Source: The Daily Mail &amp; Huffington Post 40. The Daily Mail and Huffington Post brought us one of the most terrifying pest stories of the year Margaret &amp; Keith Woods found a Rat coming up the toilet! 41. Their Rat became such a common &amp; unwelcome guest that the couple named it Roland 42. You can read more about the story on the Huffington Post website here Visit the Daily Mail to see Roland on video here 43. Number 1 . The False Widow Spider Hysteria October 2013 Source: Various 44. During October, the False Widow Spider was chosen by the media as the UKs scare story of the year !It made such a splash that it was voted our pest control news story of 2013 45. As the story developed, Sky News and the BBC began to stoke the flames of mass spider panic with stories of life threatening bites and hospitalisations 46. But Pest control professionals began to report that the hysteria was in factwellhysteria The False Widow Spider bite was shown to be no more dangerous than a Bee sting and only occurs in extremely rare occasions 47. You can read more about the False Widow Spider Hysteria here !The Guardian also has a take on the story here 48. Thanks for watching!Presentation By Excel Environmental Services !Pest Control Glasgow 0141 889 2999@excelenviro /excelglasgow </p>