Top Ten Ways to Shockproof Your Use of Social Media (Lightning Talk)

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This is a five minute version of my 25 minute presentation. The video is available on YouTube at


<ul><li>1.Ten Ways to Shockproof Your Use of Social Media<br />Ben Woelk<br />Policy and Awareness Analyst<br />Rochester Institute of Technology<br />585.475.4122<br /><br /></li></ul> <p>2. Introduction<br />Everyone is a target<br />Identity theft is big business<br />You cant rely on others to protect you<br />2<br />3. Avert Labs Malware Research<br />3<br />Retrieved July 24, 2009 from:<br />4. Phishing on Social Network Sites<br /><br />4<br />5. Tip # 1 Passwords/Passphrases<br />Length more important than complexity<br />It was a dark and stormy night<br />becomes<br />ItwasaDark215andStormyNight<br />5<br />6. Password Safes<br />6<br />7. 7<br />Tip # 2 Keep up to date!<br />Operating System<br />Applications<br />8. Tip #3 Security Software<br />Layers of Security<br />Anti-Virus Protection<br />Firewall<br />Anti-Spyware Protection<br />8<br />9. 9<br />Tip #4 Recognize Phishing/Scams<br />10. Phishing Tips<br />10<br />11. 11<br />Tip #5 Use Social Networks Safely<br />Dont:<br />Post personal information<br />Post schedules or whereabouts<br />Post inappropriate photos<br /><br />12. Tip #6 Remember Who Else is There<br />Who else uses social networking?<br />Employers<br />Identity Thieves<br />Online Predators<br />Facebook Stalker<br />(<br />12<br />13. What You Post Can Be Used To<br />Make judgments about your character<br />Impersonate you to financial institutions<br />Monitor what you do and where you go<br />13<br />14. Tip #7 Be wary of others<br />Choose your friends carefully<br />"41% of Facebook users agreed to be friends with this plastic frog, opening themselves up to the risk of identity theft."<br />The frogs name was FreddiStaur<br /><br />14<br />15. Is this really your friend?<br />Just because its your friends account does not mean that its your friend!<br />15<br />16. Tip #8 Search for your name<br />Do a vanity search<br />Set up a Google Alert<br />16<br />17. Tip #9 Guard Your Personal Information!<br />Watch out for Facebook Applications!!<br />A 2008 study found that 90.7% of apps had access to private user data (only 9.3% actually used the data)<br />17<br />18. Tip #10 Use Privacy Settings<br />Default settings are set to _________?<br />Adjust ______________to help protect your identity<br />Show "limited friends" a _____________of your profile<br />Disable _________, then open them one by one<br /><br />19. The First Line of Defense<br />Stay alertyou will be the first to know if something goes wrong<br />20. Practice Digital Self Defense<br />@bwoelk<br />@RIT_Infosec<br />20<br /></p>