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Virtualization Virtues

What Is Virtualizati n?Virtualization is used to create a virtual of a device or resource, like server, operating system, network, and much more.

Types of Virtualizati n

Different Types of Virtualizati nServer virtualization - lets one server do the job of many serversApplication - runs on another host from where it is installedPresentation - application runs on another host and you only see clients screenNetwork - network can be used for many puprosesStorage - concept in System Administration

Now The Virtues!

Benefits Of VirtualizationEfficiency & speedManage resources very wellIncreased productivity because employees can work from any locationData stored on one centralized server = less stolen or lost dataFor CompaniesFor Data Centers

Cuts waste and costsData centers can be small = less energy, less hardware, and time and money used for maintenance

Sounds like cl ud computing, right?

Virtualization vs. Cloud Computing manipulates the hardware foundational element of cloud computing & helps deliver on the value of cloud computingCloud computing refers to a service that results from that manipulationDelivery of shared computer resources, software, or date

VirtualizationCloud Computing

Cost of some virtualizati n products (Beware, it varies!)

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A Sneak Peak of the website!

Looks cool and better on a legit laptop, right??

Phone too?

Thanks!Any questions, still confused, or want more info?You can find me at:julie@virtualization-virtues.com

CreditsSpecial thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free:Presentation template by SlidesCarnivalPhotographs by Unsplash