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Worldwide customers for Biomassters,Inc. 2008

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  • 1. MicroSoilWorld Wide Applications Biomassters, Inc.Founded 1996 Copyright 2004 www.microsoil.comAll rights reserved by Biomassters, Inc. Copyright January 2004

2. Biomassters, Inc.Founded in 1996 Dr. Reuben F. Ruiz Jr., PhD Served as research and developmentEnvironmental Scientist engineer for the General Electric Company and various divisions, i.e., turbines, x-ray, Co-owner Environmental Compliance Systems heating & cooling, specialty transformers and Professor - University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA U.S.A. general purpose & specialty motors. Founder Dr. Ruiz specializes in using natural/organic (agro-ecologically of E.I. Ltd., specializing in design &safe) materials, enzymes and microbial products to greatly engineering, marketing & sales and custom enhance natures processes and rhythms in agriculture and consulting services for Architectural and in the bioremediation of wastewater and oil, as well as in the engineering firms involving lightning, energy reclamation of soils. and space management. Robert W. Zarosi Dr. Reuben F. Ruiz Jr., PhDDr. Ruiz is also a consultant/technical advisor for a number ofElectrical Engineer, Purdue University Corporate Consultant/Advisorlarge wastewater treatment companies here in the UnitedPresident/CEO of E.I. Ltd. States and internationally.Consultant/DirectorDirector/AffiliateFounder ofBiomassters, Inc.Dr. Layan Dawud Said was born in Oakland and educatedDeveloper and sole at the University of California with degrees in Soil Physicsmanufacturer of MicroSoilBiomassters, Inc. and Plant & Soil Sciences in International Agriculture.and related SynergisticCatalytic formulas He has an extensive 30 year background of research andBA University of New Mexicofield experience in the U.S.A., East/West Africa, Mexico and throughout the Caribbean while devising and utilizing Don D. Haller agroecological farming methods. He too, was responsiblePresident/CEOfor developing protein and carbohydrate production systems appropriate for various biomes especially for use in Mr. Rex Lee,the semi-arid tropics. He brings a wealth of talent,Executive Vice-President Dr. Dawud, PHDexperience and vision to our board and our companys Asia/Far East International Financier Corporate objectives.Consultant/Advisor Financial Overseer of Major Offshore ProjectsDirector/AffiliateMBA Northrop University Dr. Nee is an American Chinese and for over 23 years was Marine Food Services a professor at Notre Dame and was also the Vice Director/Affiliate Emmanuel H. WatersChancellor of the University of Massachusetts, atChief Financial Dartmouth for many years. In 1980, he was invited by the Officer/Advisor Chinese Government to come back to China to lecture andto promote interactions in business, culture and education.More than thirty Chinese Governmental organizations,Universities and companies honored Dr. Nee as theiradviser and consultant. He also serves as board member ofKarren is responsible for a number of listed companies in the United States, such asoverall internal operations Capital Senior Living Corp. and Adatorn Inc.of the company, graphicdesigns and promotionalFor over thirty-years, Dr. Nee has been instrumental inmaterials.assisting many U. S. Companies establish joint ventures inDr. Victor W. Nee,China and helped Chinese companies develop theirChairman of businesses in the U.S.A. With the opening of NeeonixsJustin Hiattoffice in Beijing, now it is expected that Neeonix will provide Karren Haller Neeonix Ltd, U.S.A.Vice Presidenteven more services to both Chinese and AmericanManufacturing Division Secretary/Treasury & DirectorDirector/Affiliatebusiness communities. Board of Directors 3. Biomassters Affiliates Bruce Deuley is an organic advocate, speaker, author, farmer and rancherRoberto is a trusted confident, liaison in Comfort, Texas. and translator in San Miguel deAllende, MexicoBruce & Bet DeuleyRoberto MedinaCorporate AffiliatesAffiliate Gerald Cartwright, an associate for over 10 years, fluent in English & Spanish and has done MicroSoilMs. Irma Pardinas, owns andSeminars in China and in Mexicooperates Agricola Geneitca inMexico City, MexicoGerald Cartwright AffiliateIrma PardinasCorporate Affiliate This presentation was created and designed by Karren HallerAll rights reserved by Biomassters, Inc. Copyright January 2004 4. Synergistic Catalyst SystemsBIOTECH/AGRIZYMESMPX-923MultiplePureFulvic SynergisticTrace Minerals/Elements Technologies 5. MicroSoil An Agro-Ecological approach for the future of farming byre-establishing pristine life in the soils MicroSoil is a nitrogen fixing, phosphorus mineralizing microbial formulation combined with natural enzymes, polysaccharides andpolypeptides. Its intended use is to assist in the proliferation of nitrogen fixing microorganisms and beneficial "native soil microorganisms," to enhance andoptimize the decomposition process of animal and plant residues and to help build organic matter in the soil. The MicroSoil formula, which includes ourPureFulvic Trace Minerals and Elements, are unique in the world. Not only is the formula and manufacturing process proprietary, which was developed byDon D. Haller, the PureFulvic Trace Minerals and Elements, found in a very rare deposit of fulvic humus materials, are owned and mined by us. Since weown the fulvic humus mine, these fulvic materials will only be used in our products and for our purposes, therefore no one can even come close to duplicatingour formulations.PureFulvic Perfectly balanced by nature in a super enriched pristine environment,Trace Minerals/Elementssuspended in time and undistribed for over 30 Million Years.PureFulvic Trace Minerals and Elements are rich in colloidal plant derived iron not the type of iron found in flesh foods or ground water. In fact children andwomen suffer frequently from iron deficiency. Studies indicate that children who are iron deficient in their early years may develop learning disabilities later on.Diets high in sucrose, fats, junk food and chemicals require an increase in colloidal plant derived iron and all other trace elements. Plants contain iron andcalcium as the predominate elements not sulfur or chloride! If a plant contains true "plant derived colloids" then colloidal iron must be present in generousquantities for it to fully meet that criteria. As you can see PureFulvic Trace Minerals and Elements are extracted from a very rare form of humic shale. It isthe presence of these land and sea plant minerals and their ratios to one another that make PureFulvic Trace Minerals and Elements superior incontent and quality! PureFulvic Trace Minerals and Elements are closer in mineral composition and ratios to human body fluids than any othernaturally occurring trace minerals product. 3 29-XP MSEMYZ IRGA /HCETOIBBIOTECH/AGRIZYMES is a proprietary, biocatalytic system in liquid concentrate form. The product isdesigned to stimulate and accelerate the natural and biological reactions that cause Organic substances todecompose. BIOTECH/AGRIZYMES contains no bacteria or other microorganisms to interfere with or disrupt municipal treatment systems.BIOTECH/AGRIZYMES requires no complex or expensive installation, is practically maintenance free, and even optimizes the effectiveness of existingequipment. it is metered into the waste effluent according to the flow Of organic contaminant levels, such as biological Oxygen demand, suspended solids, fats,Oils, and grease. Non-Toxic BIOTECH/AGRIZYMES is harmless to humans, animals, marine life and the environment. It is non-irritating to sensitive skinand is non-flammable and non-corrosive BIOTECH/AGRIZYMEScontains no combustible of corrosive materials. it can be used safely near open flame or inpoorly ventilated areas. 6. Order, the First Law of The Universe The Mineral Theory*Formulated in 1847 by Dr. Justus von Liebig The crops on a field diminish or increase inexact proportion to the diminution or increaseof the mineral substance conveyed to it inmanure. Manure in this sense is anything applied to the soil to serve as plant nutrient.)The yield potential of a crop is like abarrel with staves of unequal length.The capacity of the barrel is limited by thelength of the shortest stave in this case,nitrogen) and can only be increased bylengthening that stave.When that stave is lengthened, another onebecomes the limiting factor.* The Fertilizer Hand Book, 1982, Chapter 1 crop (page 5)Liebigs Law of the Minimum 7. Malcolm Becks Garden2002-2003 San Antonio, TexasMalcolm Beck, a highly regarded farmer, author,speaker and advocate of organic/sustainablefarming, esteemed throughout Texas and theUnited States for over 45 years. 8. Tangerine Trees San Antonio, Texas USA 9. Tangerine Trees San Antonio, Texas USA 10. Malcolms Tangerine Trees - After HarvestSan Antonio, Texas USA 11. Malcolm hoeing back from lunch 12. Malcolms Corn 2002 13. Malcolms Garden 2002 14. Hibiscus Tree inSpring Hibiscus Tree in Summer 15. One Volunteer Tomato Plant in Malcolms Garden 2002 One Volunteer Squash Plant 2002 16. Chinese Cabbage 2003 UsingPureFulvic TraceMinerals 17. Malcolms Turnips and Greens PureFulvic TraceMinerals Used On Turnips 18. Don in Beijing, China Malcolms CabbageFall 2004PureFulvic TraceMinerals Rice Fields In Shangdong, China 19. Sugar Cane in Puebla, MexicoGathering Tomatoes from Greenhouses in China 20. Yucatan, Mexico*The Brix Scale: 1 degree on theBrix scale Is equivalent of 18 gramsof sugar per liter. Sugar Cane 21. Agricola Genetica S.A. de C.V.Owner Irma PardinasConvention 1999 Cauliflower BroccoliCabbage LettuceSugar Cane Onions 22. Greenhouses in Weifang, China 23. Corn Yield At harvest, it was determined that the average size of 57% of the husks was between 8 to 10 inches with only 19% being under 8 inches and 24% being greater than 10 inches. The average number of corn rows per husk was 16 with 90% being kernels. The average wei