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<p>5 ways to take stressing out away from air travel</p> <p>5 ways to take stressing out away from air travelZAirportParking.com</p> <p>Traveling stressIf you are about to fly you might be slightly stressed </p> <p>Flying should be a relaxing way to travel, not a headache</p> <p>Here are a few ways you can take the worrying out of air travel</p> <p>Tip 1: Invest in valet airport parkingDont get stuck having to deal with additional hassles, such as your car being damaged or missing</p> <p>Taking a taxi can cost additional money that isn't in the budget</p> <p>Taking a taxi also doesnt provide any protection for your car while you travel</p> <p>Tip 1: Invest in a valet airport parking continuedParking at Bradley Airport is a secure parking solution for when youre traveling</p> <p>If there is any snow covering your car our valet service will clean it all off and warm it up so you are comfortable</p> <p>Tip 2: Remember TSAPlay by their rules and you wont have any hassles</p> <p>TSA PreCheck gives you access to security fast lanes at airports </p> <p>This allows you to have to skip taking your shoes off and only requiring a regular metal detector for your items</p> <p>Tip 2: Remember TSA ContinuedTSA PreCheck will allow you to get through security quicker however you have to agree to a thorough background check and face-to-face meeting ahead of time</p> <p>One cleared getting through security from then on will be a breeze</p> <p>Save time in the long run by using this helpful tip</p> <p>Tip 3: Check In EarlyOne of the best ways to ensure that you get a great seat on your flight and a reliable overhear area</p> <p>Most airlines will allow you to check in online 24 hours before the actual time of the flight</p> <p>Stick With A Carry OnCarry-ons are traditionally a better option</p> <p>Some airlines offer carry-ons for free however some might charge a low price</p> <p>If you are allowed to take a free carry-on take advantage of this perk</p> <p>Make Sure You Luggage Stands OutTravel with luggage that doesnt blend in with the rest of the bags at the airport</p> <p>Make sure your bag is easy to identify at the carousel</p> <p>If your bag is easy to identify you can better explain what it looks likes if the airport cant find it</p> <p>Dont Be StressedFlying can cause enough stress as it is but by following these tips you can begin to relax</p> <p>For more information on parking Bradley Airport and parking tips check out our website</p>