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NEVER EVER SMOKE WEED Geographical Mnemonics Hanuman P. Durina 7/13/12

Geographical Mnemonics

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Page 1: Geographical Mnemonics


Geographical MnemonicsHanuman P. Durina7/13/12

Page 2: Geographical Mnemonics

Sally Made Henry Eat Oreos

Great Lakes Listed fromWest to East; Superior Michigan Huron Erie Ontario

Page 3: Geographical Mnemonics

People Attack Irritating Simple ArtList of Oceans in order fromGreatest to Smallest: Pacific Atlantic Indian Southern Arctic

Page 4: Geographical Mnemonics

Big Gorillas Eat Hotdogs not Cold Pizza

Central American countries in order from North to South: Belize Guatemala Ecuador Honduras Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama

Page 5: Geographical Mnemonics

Many African Tourists Like Elephants

Left to Right Morocco Algeria Tunisia Libya Egypt

Page 6: Geographical Mnemonics

Capricorn Is Heavier than Cancer

The Tropic of Capricorn has more letters than The Tropic of Cancer and therefore is heavier, and sinks below the Equator.



Page 7: Geographical Mnemonics

Lat is Fat, Long is Long

Latitude is horizontal, Longitude is Vertical.

Page 8: Geographical Mnemonics

12 months, 365 days

12,365ft.Height of Mt. Fujiyama, Japan


Page 9: Geographical Mnemonics

Billy and Sally Made Our Queen Nervous Playing Near Needles

List of Canadian provinces from West to East: British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia Newfoundland & Labrador

Page 10: Geographical Mnemonics

Kooky Ken Took Tom’s Ugly Aardvark.

List of the “Stans” in Central Asia: Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Afghanistan