How to Enjoy Your Vacation Meals on a Budget

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You can find inexpensive, delicious alternatives with a bit of pre-planning and some imagination


  • 1. t ravelwit How to Enjoy Your Vacation Meals on a Budget There are reasons why eating every meal out while vacationing isnt wise; your budget may not allow f or it, and, even with a generous budget, f ood will start to eat its way into other f un you have planned, both time- wise and money-wise. Waiting in line, f or instance, every time you want to eat can get tiresome. And, at the best vacation destinations, all the f avourite restaurants will have long waiting times. But, eating on a budget doesnt have to be boring. No, you dont have to have a cooler f ull of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You can f ind inexpensive, delicious alternatives with a bit of pre-planning and some imagination. Below are tips on how to enjoy your vacation meals on a Budget. Do Your Homework When you decide on a destination, do the research to f ind the restaurants and f ood choices that appeal to you. Sites like,,, and will give you an idea of af f ordable, and tasty places to eat in various cities. Search the name of the city youre visiting to f ind reviews and blogs that of f er more inf ormation as well as special of f ers. Choose an All-Inclusive Vacation Package The cost of an all-inclusive package may be worth it. If your f amily considers ref reshing beverages and three meals a day, as well as snacks, an important part of a vacation experience, then you want to consider this option. However, be aware that sometimes alcoholic drinks may not be included. Even so, being able to help yourself to all the cooling drinks and f ood you want can be a big bonus, especially when you have a lot of hearty eaters. When considering all-inclusive vacations, dont limit your thinking. Cruises are a great value. They normally

2. include a lot of amenities. Not only can you eat just about anything you want, just about any time day or night, but most cruises include f ree activities f or kids of all ages, f ree entertainment f or adults, and transportation to exciting ports of call. Youll also receive, f ree of charge, wonderf ul guides to help you choose your excursions, big or small. Lunch with the Locals Want a huge, money-saving tip as well as a recommendation f or tasty f ood? Ask the locals where they eat. Usually, youll f ind tasty f ood, good atmosphere, and great prices. Every region has its f avourite cuisine, and most cities and towns have a f ew quaint f amily restaurants, catering to locals who enjoy a good meal f or a good price, no gimmicks, no hype. Follow the locals to these locales and you cant lose. Attend Citywide Food Events A lot of the big cities such as Dubai, New York City, Boston, Toronto, Dallas, Philadelphia and Atlanta have weeks where they celebrate what is considered Restaurant Weeks or Food Festivals. This is where, with an entry f ee, you can experience excellent meals at a f raction of the cost. There are also competitions to consider, like cook-of f s and awards to chef s, restaurants, and even street vendors. Search your vacation destination f or these special events f or some real good deals, and great cuisine. Stay at Home-Style Lodgings for Home-Style Meals A bed-and-breakf ast or similar lodging where a meal is included in the price may be a great option f or your vacation stay. Having a nice breakf ast can set you up f or a good day of sightseeing, and you wont waste time, or money, stopping f or something to eat right in the middle of your f un. Another option is to stay in a place with a kitchenette. You can save money and time by stocking the ref rigerator and pantry with breakf ast items, sandwich makings, beverages, and lots of snacks. Another bonus is you can save any lef tovers f rom meals you have at restaurants. The dif f erence between the cost of lodging without a kitchenette and one with a kitchenette can easily be made up in a f ew days when you consider meals out could cost you hundreds of dollars f or the length of your stay. Quick Bits about Budget Bites order f rom the kids menus eat out at lunch instead of dinner order f rom the bar menu opt f or big glasses of ice water instead of sof t drinks or spirits buy f ood f rom street vendors When you are on vacation you want to enjoy not only the sights and events, but the area cuisine, too. Planning ahead and budgeting f or meals will help you enjoy a f ew special restaurants, rather than rushing through a lot of ordinary f ood places just because youre hungry. Make the restaurants you visit a memorable part of your vacation, not a necessary, and expensive, bother. So how about you? Leave a comment below and lets start a discussion on how to enjoy your vacation 3. meals on a budget. About the Author: Adewale Adelani is Travel Manager at DAHLA TRAVELS, a travel, tours and activities company in Dubai, UAE. Circle on GooglePlus Like on Facebook