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  • 1. R e a l e s t a t e Ya c h t i n g V i l l a s

2. Whatever you are dreaming of -- we have the resources to make your luxurytravel dreams a reality. Were ready to ensure you of the most satisfying vaca-tion experiences, designed to meet your specific needs or desires.Tell us what personal touches you would like to add, and well fine tune yourvacation to make it your own. Wherever you have decided to reserve a hotelsuite, luxury villa or motor yacht we offer increased value and unparalleledchoices. All the listings you see in our website are chosen by our ConciergeAdvisory Team.Luxury Vacations team is passionate about service and is ready to lead youplaces of comfort, style and fine taste. Just think what we can do for you! - , . , . , , , . ,, , , , , . , . Luxury Vacations, , , . , ?! 3. Real Estate - Real estateLuxury Real Estate is a network of real estate professionals in more than 35 destinations in Greece representing the finest residential luxury estatesand property brokerages in Greece. Each member, carefully selected by our advisory team, has been recognized as a leader in the marketing ofdistinctive and luxury properties, committed to high performance, professionalism, and quality service. 35 . , , , ! 4. Yachts - 5. YachtsCruise on your own private yachtalong with family, friends or busi-ness associates you select, visit themost enchanting Greek islands andsavor the excitement, the privacy,the ultimate relaxation and themost carefree holidays. An array ofqualitative yachts, as presented inthis brochure, each having its ownstyle and personality, is a descrip-tion of just how luxurious and howpersonalized a yacht charter canbe. All you have to do is pick theyacht that meets your expectationsand live the experience of your lifetime... , , ., , ., , , , . , , ........ 6. Villas - VillasLuxury Vacations is happy to offer a unique collection of short-stay & long term self-catering villas all overGreece & Cyprus. Our carefully selected proposals range from Luxury to Deluxe level villas. We visit all our prop-erty villas listed on this website personally, before promoting them to our web site. We ensure the informationavailable is as accurate as possible, and updated on a regular basic. Luxury Vacations . Deluxe, , . . 7. Limousines - LimousinesOur Our Company has been at the service of a very elevated VIP clientele offering a wide selection of the latest models internationally renownedluxury car brands manufactured by the world. We have selected, under the most strict criteria, the top car rental companies and has launchedcooperations with them, in order to provide complete luxury services. VIP . , , , ( , , .) 8. Night life Restaurant NIGHT LIFE - RESTAURANTA chic gourmet experience consists of morethan a meal! Dine in style, sophistication andluxury at Greeces best restaurants. Dining forpleasure and traveling for enjoyment. This isthe way of life that exceptional people enjoysince they know how to turn everyday mo-ment into unique luxury! We will make all yourrestaurant and nightclub reservations for youat the best places. We will guide you to the hot-test Lounges, Bars, Clubs and Restaurants to beon the right nights there. - , , , ! , -, . 9. Luxury Cars - LUXURY CARSRevel in the true definition of opu-lence with our incredible selection ofhigh class luxury vehicles and chauf-feured limousines. Let us transfer you,not only to or from your destination,but beyond to a world of sheer glam-our and elegance! . , , ! 10. Shopping - Shopping Combine your preferences and our recom- mendations about the top shop complexes in the location and live an amazing experi- ence! Your private chauffeur will take you to the most exclusive shops in the city in total comfort. ! . 11. Spa - -SpaTake the relaxing break of a lifetime with our selected 5 star spa resorts and hotels in Greece.Each property has been chosen for its outstanding facilities, treatments and expert staff combined with breathtaking locations and luxury extras.Whether you seek respite from daily life, a rejuvenating holiday or even an Ayurvedic. We have trawled the globe to find the perfect spots for youto take time out from your hectic lives, relax and rejuvenate.- 5 . , , , . , , , . 12. Jets - JetsOur worldwide charter service arrangesboth personal and business travel. Froman individual wanting to travel Athens,New York, Moscow, London, Dubai, Paris,Frankfurt, Greek islands. All the way upto 400 passengers on a single aircraft.Whether you need convenient schedul-ing, personalized service or continuouscorporate identity (for example, fullybranded seat customization) we can findthe solution. , . , -, , , , , , . 400 . (, ) VIP-, . 13. Golf - GolfFor the lovers of the aristocratic sport of Golf,who wish to combine luxurious vacations withthe practice of their favorite sport, we can ar-range your Golfing vacation in a resort with aGolf Course in the Resort or in the area nearby.Our aim is to provide you and your guests withthe best possible facilities. Stretched out inbeautiful landscapes, the golf courses are un-der a signature of exceptional quality whichguarantees the level of your games. , , , . . , . 14. Helicopter - HelicopterOur dedicated charter advisors organize your flight and monitor every single de-tails in order to safeguard our reputation and add you on the long list of our satis-fied air travelers. We offer extensive experience, expertise and a variety of aviationsolutions.. , , , . , .. 15. Vip security - Vip Vip securityProviding security is more than ourbusiness. It is a vital confidence, placedin our hands by our clients. Our princi-pal duty is meeting the responsibility ofthat confidence with devotion, profes-sionalism and integrity. Vip - ,, , . . 16. Religious Tourism - Religious TourismThe wealth of its Byzantine monuments makes Greece the perfect destination for thousands of religious pilgrims. Monuments of centuries-oldecclesiastic architecture and art, innumerable churches and monasteries give testimony to the countrys rich religious heritage. . , . 17. Concierge - ConciergeTo make your life easier, to save you time and money, your private concierge provides you with a full range of personal assistant services with thenecessary contacts you may be needing. , , . . 18. Sailing - Sailing The fascinating world of yachting offers you the opportunity to get acquainted with the superb insular Greece. Yacht charter Greece: Seize the chance to live a unique experience. Charter the yacht of your preference and relish sailing through the crystal waters of the very promising Aegean and Ionian Seas as well as hopping around the su- perb islands of Greece. . , . 19. Business development - Business developmentThe job of the business development professional is typically to identifynew business opportunitieswhether that means new markets, new part-nerships with other businesses, new ways to reach existing markets, or newproduct or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing marketsand then to go out and exploit those opportunities to bring in more rev-enue. , , , , , . . ! 20. Extreme sport - Extreme sport winterIn the recent years, the fast-paced urban lifestylestend to make people look for increasingly intenseand exciting activities for their free time. It is certainthat the extreme sports can achieve that in the bestpossible way, without necessarily endangering oneslife. , , ., , .Extreme sport summerSo many people go to Greece and the Greek Islandsfor their summer vac thinking of blue skies, whitebuildings, blue blue seas, wonderful beaches, greatfood, Zorbas Dance.., we could go on forever, butthe thought of an extreme sport at the same timemight not have occurred to you. . , , - , , , , , ! 21. Interior design - Interior designFrom opulent private homes to exclusive resi-dential developments, we create ultra luxuriousdesigns for discerning and influential clients. , . 22. w w w.luxur y