Things to do in greece during winter

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Things to do in Greece during winterShare on PinterestShare on Twitter Greeceis a blessed country, with thousands of islands and beaches, and during summer it is an exquisite destination thanks to its sunshine and the sea with its turquoise waters. But now, is winter, and we need many months to even think about our summer vacations. Does this fact mean that you should forget Greeceuntil next May? The answer is no. You can do a lot of things in Greece during the winter, and you cannot even imagine how much you will enjoy this trip.Apart from beaches and islands, Greece has also beautiful, traditional towns and villages to offer. Nafplion, Monemvasia,Zagorochoria, Kavala, Ioannina and Chania are only some of the options you haveto wander in a place with strong medieval character and well-preserved buildings from the past., Greece has numerous archaeological and cultural sites to visit during the winter months in low prices and without the crowds of the summer. The Acropolis inAthens , the Castle of Mystras inPeloponesse, the Palace of Faistos and Knossos on Crete andthe Theatre at Dodona in Epirus are, of course among others, mythical places for the western civilisation you should definitely explore.If you are a fan of hiking or skiing,Greece is the ultimate destination for that too because it has high and interesting mountains, like Helmos, Parnassos and Pindos, which offer hiking routes and ski centres off the Beaten Path. big cities of Greece, like Athens andThessaloniki, are also perfect during winter thanks to their museums as well as the cosy cafs and restaurants where you can stay for hours, enjoying a cup of tea or a delicious meal of the famous Greek cuisine. Shopping is another activity you can do in these cities, and be sure that you will find great deals and sales due tothe economic crisis that led even the shopping malls and the brands to reduce their prices.Certainly, if you are a winter swimmer, you can swim in the sea. Even during the winter, the weather is not very cold and definitely much warmer than in central Europe.Temperatures under 10 degrees or rain is something rare, especially in southernGreece. If you feel that theweather in your country is too terrible to withstand, come to Greece for a break of the haze and the freezing temperatures.