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<p>Trip PlanningHow to plan your travel?</p> <p>What is Travel Planning?Starts with where to go?Which cities to visit?What to do in those cities? Things &amp; Activities to doHow to arrange the cities to create a logical route / itinerary?Where to stay? Booking of Hotels, Air tickets etcFinally Travel</p> <p>Select a countryStart with selecting the country you wish to visitIf you are uncertain of the country, take help of some destination suggestion toolsTake help of some famous blogs and websites which would help you pin down a country</p> <p>Shortlist CitiesSearch for cities based on your interestIf visiting for the first time, make sure you cover few of the popular placesNot really found of popular places, search of cities of your interestYou can take help from various forums to pick the cities</p> <p>Note the Tourist AttractionsEvery city has something to showMake a note of those landmarks which are most famous that you would not like to missAdd them to your itinerary</p> <p>Activities Not To MissThis is where people make the most mistakeThey mix tourist attractions / landmarks with Things to doThings-to-do are local activities one can not get anywhere else in the world. The local touchIt can be a famous local restaurant, festival, cultural event, an activity or any such activity which one cannot find easily in any other city</p> <p>Join the dotsOnce cities and their activities are shortlisted, pin them on a map Create a logical route to save cost on travelling, and prevent going back &amp; forth</p> <p>Time to select an accommodationOnce the itinerary is in place, its time to select your hotel in each cityAlways prefer hotel in city centerHotels near main train stations are always recommended for better connectivity and accessibility Finding a hotel in suburb can be cheap but commuting may be a problem in some countries and might also increase tour total travel budget</p> <p>Travel Planning made easyJust image if all the above can be done in one has made lives easier for travelersA complete travel plannerTrip can be planned either by the expert or self createdIt has also gone a step forward, share the trip with other co-travelers, discuss and finalize togetherCarry your finalized travel plan where ever you go</p> <p>Travel Planning made easyPlan, Share, Discuss &amp; Finalize</p>