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  • The images on the previous slide are still following on from the theme of the I Pad, again, highlighting how the internet is accessible from places other than just a computer or laptop, making it portable and therefore making it part of every day life. However, the images show news stories highlighting the British riots, in the particular the Birmingham riots. This links in with our documentary which also links with some of the cut aways we used in our opening montage of news stories taken from the BBC websites relating to the riots and crime provoked or caused by the use of social networking.This was the image we decided to use as the angle is effective and aesthetically pleasing, whilst at the same time, it still serves the purpose of drawing the audiences eye onto the news article.

  • Originally I tried taking stills from the time line of the over the shoulder shot we had used as a cutaway in our documentary, however, they turned out to be pixelated and therefore did not look professional and of high quality. I decided to take new images that were similar to the over the shoulder shots we already had. Although both have their advantages and disadvantages, we decided to use the image on the right hand side.