Gilian Wess, Founder/Director, Enrich - Arts & Business - Speaking at Seismics and the City 2015

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Canterbury Arts & Business Enrichment Partnership Programme

Canterbury Arts & Business Enrichment Partnership ProgrammeWhen we gift to culture we enrich ourselves.

Founding Partners

An alternative model of support for the arts and creative industries that is based on the practical giving of skills, expertise and resources, rather than sponsorship.Match Maker to the ArtsEnrich engages practical help from the business sector for creative entrepreneurs and arts organisations so they can thrive and develop.

Acting as a "match maker to the arts" Enrich matches the needs and resources of compatible organisations to create and facilitate successful partnerships between the arts and business.

Development through Engagement and Partnership Many arts organisations are chasing the same limited sources of philanthropic funding and sponsorship. Enrich does not ask companies for moneyEnrich invites companies and their employees to gift their skills, resources, expertise, and volunteers to help arts organisations develop and thrive. Enrich promotes longer term, sustainable engagement and partnerships between the arts and business.Cultural Intervention & Entrepreneurship, Special Report,City of London Corporation

"The most successful partnerships go beyond traditional forms of sponsorship and arebased on a more collaborative approach where both parties bring their expertise,experience, network and resources to the table to work together withcomplementary skills, and create something which neither could have achieved ontheir own. Essentially then, an effective partnership involves genuine collaborationrather than solely the exchange of money for branding."Practitioners Emerging Arts LeadersEnrich assists arts organisations, creative practitioners, and emerging creative leaders and entrepreneurs, many of whom who are developing contemporary new wave creative works, often with a social enterprise focus. They are artistically talented, highly trained and innovative, but may lack business know-how. An enrichment partnership with the private sector will provide a practical boost to enable these organisations operate more successfully. ProcessEnrich acts as a facilitator and mentor between arts organisations and companiesEnrich identifies resources needed and skills availableEnrich introduces prospective parties who could mutually benefit from the partnership, and then makes the matchEnrich supports and monitors the partnerships and showcases success stories No formal contractsPartnership strategic objectives and timelines are setExamples of Enrich practical gifting partnershipsTin Palace/Harbour Arts Collective Duncan CotterillChristchurch School of Music Walker Consultants/Buddle FindlayNeat Places Avatar Web DesignRubble Artists Editions G&A Creative, CarterSmith ArchitectsAuricle Sonic Gallery Enlightened SolutionsMusic Theatre Web Series A Long Way to Broadway Gary Lee PartnersChristchurch Youth Choir C CreationsToi Te Karoro New Brighton Duncan Cotterill

Examples of Practical GivingServices and Expertise:Governance (become a Board member/Trustee)LegalFinancial ManagementBusiness plansFeasibility reportsICT supportOrganisational developmentWeb site design and developmentDatabase/CRM managementMarketingPublicity through companies own web site/newsletters/social mediaExpertise secondment and mentoring by management/staffVolunteersHospitality hosting functions and events

Examples of Practical GivingResources:Office spaceRehearsal spaceStorage spaceTransportLoan of equipmentMaterialsProducts Construction

Young Professionals Governance RolesEnrich to encourage their talented young professionals to volunteer for governance roles on the boards of fledging arts organisations. They will gain governance experience while injecting their valuable skills into the arts. The creative sector will also gain from a new generation of emerging business leaders who understand and appreciate the arts.

QuoteStephen Wainwright, CEO, Creative New Zealand

Post-quakes the arts community in Christchurch has been resilient, and highly inventive in finding fresh ways to respond to the circumstances that exist, and new ways of working. Enrich furthers this excellent trend by matching philanthropic giving of skills and time with committed arts enterprises. As a result we expect to see thriving arts practitioners and a more interesting community for Christchurch people to live and work in.QuoteCouncillor Jamie Gough, Christchurch City Council:

Enrich will enable the blending of business and organisational skills with creativity, fostering innovation and enhancing the city for residents and visitors. The Christchurch arts community has responded dynamically to the challenges of the post-earthquake environment, finding new approaches to doing business in the arts and engaging with the rebuild of the city. Enrich represents a tangible way that arts and business can come together to achieve vibrant outcomes for the city."

QuoteGary Lee, CEO, E2 Digital

"When Gillian approached E2 DIGITAL about the concept of Enrich, we immediately saw the value such a concept would contribute to the arts and businesses. It is a concept that we feel may fundamentally change the way business and arts organisations interact with each other, so we decided to embrace it.How to

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