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Happy life maldives safari lodge

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http://happylife-maldives-safari-lodge.com/ Happy Life Maldives Safari Lodge, Dhiffushi Guest House, Happy Life Dhiffushi MaldivesDiscover Happy Life Maldives Lodge on our beautiful local island Dhiffushi where the enchanting vibe and beachfront pleasures will delight and surprise you.Our mantra is “No news, no shoes” and we offer you the real Maldivian experience. In other words: we are the ideal, affordable alternative to unpersonal, big resorts.The lodge offers everything you need to be happy: From relaxing on the beach and tranquil village life, to unbelievable dive sights, fishing spots and of course amazing unspoiled waves for the perfect surf experience. Dhiffushi Island is surrounded by a large white sand lagoon with three sand banks, an adequate place for kiting or windsurfing. Best winds are from May to July. Our shallow lagoon is the perfect place to learn kite and / or windsurfing.

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