A world with mobile apps!

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  • 1. A World with Mobile Apps!
    Presentation by Jordan Waddy
  • 2. Objective/Pitch
    Mobile apps are an important component of social media.
    Mobile apps are becoming more prevalent
    80% of Americans have mobile phones and
    two-thirds of Americans sleep with their phones by their pillow.
  • 3. Rationale
    Why shouldnt we be using this new media?
    Instead of simply talking with one another, people consider their devices a true companion.
    Mobile applications represent a fundamental shift in the way that people use their mobile phones.
    With the rise in mobile usage, businesses are shifting their focus from print media and TV to mobile solutions.
  • 4. Argument Support
    Out of the 80% of U.S. adults who are now active cell phone users, 43% have apps on their phones, and more than two-thirds of them use those apps regularly.
    24% of the U.S. adult population actively uses apps.
  • 5.
  • 6. Chart Analysis
    One can infer from this chart that games are the most popular genre (60%) followed by news and weather (52%).
    Even though many individuals are unaware of their mobile apps, this chart shows that the ones that are use their mobile apps frequently.
    This gives this new media high hope of rapidly becoming something that people cannot live without.
  • 7. Pros
    A mobile app can be used to promote a business or it can increase revenue by being sold to a consumer.
    Because mobile apps are still in its early stages and growing rapidly, both business owners and consumers are becoming more attracted to them.
    Many individuals also use their mobile apps in situations where they should be focused on another activity.
  • 8. Cons
    Mobile apps need to be developed separately for each type of device.
    Mobile apps have a low percent usage.
    Mobile apps that are dependent on the internet may not prove to be advantageous for the user.
    The development of a mobile app is generally expensive and requires a lot of effort as well.
  • 9. Alternatives/Recommendations
    One can seek games, maps, news, weather, etc. from a computer search, phone book, twitter facebook, or any other source.
    One should determine if the application is dependent on the internet.
    Can the app be used in all environments such as driving, meetings, workouts, etc.
    Is the app limited to your mobile device or does it allow you to backup your data onto your laptop or desktop computer.
  • 10. Next Steps/ Execution/Trends
    A developer should know his/her audience
    When developing an app, one should understand that every user is different
    there are varying behaviors between genders.
    When designing an app, a developer not only wants the app to be original, but he/she should also want the app to be consistent and relatable to the company.
    Apps are here to stay
    Apps arent a one trick pony
  • 11. Cartoons
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