Adding value: five ways to help set your clients up for success

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  • 1. Expanding digitally

    Business transactions are increasingly being completed online, and research shows that by getting digital right, companies can boost their revenue and cut costs1.

    With an overview of your clients financial performance, and perhaps that of other companies in the region, youre well placed to help them identify if theres an opportunity to grow their digital presence.

    Whether its creating a website, getting on social media or setting up online payments, if developing the business online is the next step for growth, you can point your clients in the direction of Barclays Digital Wings [] to help them advance their skillset and gain more confidence.

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  • 2. Expanding overseas

    Exporting is a key consideration for many of the UKs smaller businesses as they look towards international markets to grow sales.

    But for businesses that are just beginning to export, fears over the complexity of international trading can be a barrier. This is a great opportunity for a finance professional to help allay their fears by pointing them to reliable sources of guidance.

    Our 10 tips on becoming an exporter [ /10-tips-for-exporting] can provide a good start, while UK Trade & Investment [] also has a useful hub of information about exporting.

  • 3. Understanding the market

    One area where time-pressed business owners can often use a hand is in learning more about the wider market they are operating in or are planning to expand to.

    You can help by steering them towards Barclays Local Insights [] .

    Here they can get a localised overview of consumer spending trends and business performance, deepening market understanding and potentially helping to guide business decisions too.

  • 4. Growing a network

    Networking is important for most successful small business owners.

    You may hold a wealth of important business contacts for your clients, as well as an awareness of local events that could suit their business.

    Using this knowledge can help connect your clients to a much wider circle. Not only could they benefit from establishing relationships with more of their peers, they could also raise their profile among the local business community and put themselves in a strong position to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise.

  • 5. Raising finances

    Business owners are often looking for ways to move their business forward.

    Youll probably already know the current objectives the business has, but discussing your clients future ambitions with them can help you to determine the most appropriate options for them to raise any capital they may need.

    You can help your clients consider what the right direction may be by looking at the available borrowing options [] with them to define which might be the most appropriate.

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