Beat the Summer Slump with These 3 Hot Sectors from Schaeffer's Investment Research

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Senior Trading Analyst Bryan Sapp reveals the 3 hottest sectors to beat the summer slump.


<ul><li> 1. Beat the Summer Slump withThese 3 Hot SectorsBryan SappSenior Trading AnalystSchaeffers Investment Research, Inc.Tuesday, June 19, 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. http://www.SchaeffersResearch.com2 3. SENTIMENT Magazine3 4. My Dad said a fool with aplan can beat a genius with no plan. Quote by T. Boone Pickens4 5. ExpectationalAnalysis5 6. Fundamental Earnings growth Dividends Earnings revisions New products/new management Supply/demand6 7. Technical Past price action to determine future pricemovement Moving averages Gaps Volume Relative strength7 8. Sentiment Put/call ratios Short interest Analyst ratings Anecdotal sentiment (magazine covers,media, etc.) 8 9. Think Like a Sentimentician Cheap can always become cheaper Look for stocks or ETFs that have lowexpectations, therefore avoiding the crowd Low expectations translate into potentialbuying power Success comes from buying lowexpectations, not low prices 9 10. Life Cycle of the Stock Market 10 11. The Wisdom of the Great Sanhedrin11 12. Humphrey B. Neill QuoteThe crowd is most enthusiastic andoptimistic when it should be cautiousand prudent; and is most fearfulwhen it should be bold.12 13. Same Day as the Market Bottom in 09 13 14. Probably the MostFamous Contrarian Magazine Cover14 15. I dont see subprime mortgage market troublesimposing a serious problem. I think its going to belargely contained and the global economy is as strongas it has been in decades.Quote by Hank Paulson, US Treasury Secretary August 2007 15 16. 1950 Monaco Grand PrixJuan Manuel Fangio 16 17. Recent Magazine Covers 17 18. No One Wants To Own Stocks 18 19. Improving Jobs Market Could Lead to Higher Equity Prices19 20. Improving Jobs Market Could Lead to Higher Equity Prices20 21. Which Sectors to Play in the Second Half of 2012? Bullish Housing Bullish Restaurants Bearish Large-Cap Banks21 22. Bullish Sector Housing 22 23. Improving Data 23 24. XHB Very Strong Late Last Year 24 25. Bullish Sector - Housing Toll Brothers (TOL) 9 Buys, 6 Holds, 1 Strong Sell 11% float sold short (and on the rise) Recent surge in put buying D.R. Horton (DHI) 14% float sold short 6 Buys, 7 Holds, 1 Strong Sell Recent surge in put buying SPDR S&amp;P Homebuilders (XHB) 25 26. Housing Looks Good 26 27. Housing Looks Good 27 28. Bullish Sector - Restaurants Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) 8 Buys, 10 Holds, 2 Sells 7% float sold short Recent surge in put buying Very strong price action Buffalo Wild Wings(BWLD) 14% float sold short 7 Buys, 7 Holds, 2 Strong Sells Recent surge in put buying Very strong price action 28 29. Restaurants Look Good29 30. Restaurants Look Good30 31. Bearish Sector Large-Cap Banks JPMorgan Chase (JPM) 7 Buys, 3 Holds, 0 Sells</p>