Global economy demands supply chain excellence by moris beracha

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<p> 1. By Moris Beracha 2. Moris Beracha knows the modern globaleconomy brings together manufacturers andconsumers in a manner that defiesgovernment borders. Products produced inone country are shipped to customers acrossthe world in a process known as supply chainmanagement. In many cases, a third-partyspecialist, such as Celistics, a Latin Americanelectronics logistics operator and distributoroperated by Mr. Beracha, facilitates thismovement. 3. Supply chain management guarantees theproduct, customer, price, and timing of thesales process are all in sync. Companies likeCelistics, who provides cell phones for LatinAmerica, must be sure that an optimalnumber of phones is available to customers ina variety of locations at a price thatmaximizes profit while still moving off theshelves, all without flooding the market. Thiscan be a complicated process, to say theleast. 4. Businessmen such as Moris Berachaensure that all aspects of the supply chainrun smoothly to guarantee that profits fromthe global economy flow through andbenefit everyone involved, from the creatorto the distributor to the end user.</p>