Mobile Haus Earns Money for You

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A offer for partnership, dealership or franchise for the excellent mobile phone cover or protector with various processing, materials and design sources.

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  • 1. Mobile Haus Earns Money for You
  • 2. Of US Adults : Smart Phones within Reach 91% Morgan Stanley
  • 3. 4 Mar.2013 IDC Smart Phone Users in Korea 32 Million Global by 2017 1.5 Billion More smart phones Mar.2013 Cisco
  • 4. 2012. MBrain 84.5% purchasing experience 59.3% Feel Necessary
  • 5. The Market
  • 6. Specialized in Accessories for Mobile Device 2013 Bangkok Fukuoka L.A. Seoul HQ
  • 7. Smart Case Brand from YEK
  • 8. Franchise Shops
  • 9. Made-to-Order at the site
  • 10. Image File Print Film Thermal Imprint Done 5 Minutes to Go
  • 11. Start-up Right Now Made-to-order cases for your customer only Small Investment + Tiny Space Virtual Shop Easy Maneuvering System 2.5 Minutes to produce Robust Machine (Grafik H3D) Drawer Replacing Style
  • 12. Made-to-Order + Ready Made
  • 13. 4UM Design User Design 3QR Fashion Design Zenche Webtoo n Design Franchise Shop Deale r Shops Virtual Mall Group Sale Own Mall Design & Outlets
  • 14. Design Price Range Distribution Channel Franchise Shop Deale r Shop Online Open Mall Group Sale Made-to -Order Own Mall 3QR Zenche 4UM L-M H Special Price L L-H Leader Goat Leader Thermal Imprint TI - Group* Low end** * Polycarbonates ** TPU, Polyurethane PRICE Pricing & Materials
  • 15. Unified Price Policy Focus on Major Models & Fast Update New Models Local Business Rights Guaranteed Minimize Investment Continuous New Design Supply Rapid After Service & Promotion Guide System Maneuvering & Marketing Training Your Business is Our Business
  • 16. 82-2-70-7548-2967 Seoul, Korea