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Digital Business Transformation requires new roles, new responsibilites, new jobs AND convergence of exisiting ones. Which digital developments brings changes for customer centric experiences and requires business innovation for your organization? Discover your role and connect with me to guide you efficienty into profitable business transformation.


  • 1.Digital Jobs New roles and functionalities in the age of Consumer driven Marketing powered by Creativity & Technology

2. iPhone.. Look at your phone and understand the future of marketing: the device is a digital channel of personal empowerment. Where will you be if you do not have services, engagement or functionality that meets consumer expectations? The future in Business lies in the art of understanding customer needs, adopting technology with creative relevancy. 3. Business Objectives From trends to technology adoption From processes to people focus From inside out to outside in marketing From silos to real time digital transparency From gut feelings to data driven facts a Business transformation from what you now know to using data to grow and outperform others... 4. Intimacy The importance of Intimacy is the importance of attention, recognition of a relation, understanding of needs and the offering of relevant solutions for these needs. Business and marketing priorities therefore change as customers get their hands on your digital products and expect recognition in all digital touchpoints. It builds trust with your consumers and creates opportunities for Intimacy by innovation. What is your role in the process of creating Intimacy? 5. Consumer driven marketing is.. Opening up the business by:Turning the business focus from inside out to outside in.Understanding that Business & IT alignment has nothing to do with user experiences.Flexible Marketing is always on, driven by a big idea, responsive and not driven by campaigns.Opening up the Business is like "Agile" it is a lean development methodology inspired by manufactoring principles and product devlopment principles.By adopting these principles you can achieve the speed and flexibility you need to thrive in an iterative world.What is your role in this process of digital transformation? 6. Consumer Experience a Great Consumer Experience is a combination of Creativity & real time Data to digitally service a customer's need with free, paid or branded functionality or engagement. An experience powered by data & technology. What do you need to know to perform, to transform? 7. The importance of Data Data delivers key customer insights to manage customer centric change:Integrate all sources: own, social, channels, touch points.Analyze data for real time habits to derive needsChange the organizational culture to customer intimacy.Manage cultural change by consumer expectations.Monitor & Manage are always on. What data enables you to create true one-to-one experiences! 8. Momentum Marketing a shift from product push, sales orientation and noisy commercial offerings to "moments" that matter to consumers, a shift away from campaign management to consumer experiences that fit their moments of attention and needs. A moment of openess, appreciation and a conversion of a need into a product or a service. Momentum Marketing is Just-In-Time consumer brand experiences with brand value creation and a profitable ROI. Which part in Momentum Marketing is your responsibility? 9. Digital Chances Ability to release early and generate new ideas quickly and more frequently. The ability for user co-creation, user-testing to influence subsequent design cycles and embed real world feedback.. The ability to change te vision of the product as it comes to life. Adopt the digital chances of constant communication, collaboration, responsiveness to change and the business value of change by new roles and responsibilities. What is your role in harvesting digital chances, to deliver customer centric one-to-one experiences? 10. New Titels Chief Digital Officer, Chief Marketing Technologist, Chief of Digital Innovation Holistic Strategist, Digital Strategist, Customer Interactive Strategist Creative Technologist, Creative Innovation Specialist, Creative IT Marketeer Data Scientist, Behavioral Analist, Big Data Customer Insights Officer Internal Brand Leaders, Cultural Creatives Technical Product Manager, Digital Business Alignment Consultants Content Curation Officer, Interactive Communication Specialist Digital Channel Manager, Transformation specialist, Conversion Manager 11. New Roles Chief Digital Officer: in charge of the overall digital consumer experience across channels, touchpoints., products and using strategic business innovations to deliver great user experiences and profitable Customer Intimacy Holistic Strategist: strategic specialist who oversees the technological landscape and combines this with consumer needs analysis, to redesign a company's true value proposition and innovates it's competitive advantages. Data Scientist: information expert who derives marketing & sales insights for servicing real time and latent consumer needs, not just experts in running regression models, but expertise in how data warehouses are set up and how to architect them. CCO - Chief Curation Officers: create branded consumer experiences by mashing up data, technology and media. Internal Brand leaders: collaborate in teams to design and execute interactive communication across social channels, consumer touch points and strengthening the Brand ID. Cultural Creatives: break down the silo ecosystem and build a company culture to provide customer intimacy 12. New Responsibilities Digital channel manager with expertise in the experience layer, in charge of a digital channel to manage and streamline the overall consumer experience. It is about the channel tech that supports the digital experience, but not the core enterprise IT structure. Specialization in digital experience layer is for example someone owning the newsfeed, someone in charge of tablet experience, someone with mobile interaction experise, someone with content curation and conversion experise. 13. New jobs with data How to inject data-driven mind sets, processes and cultures into your company? How to personalize data, not to improve the consumer's need for products and services, but to prepare and scale them for growth? How to manage the quality of data - in speed and acquiracy and how to identify the consumer/business meaningfull insights? If you are paying attention to data and you are listening to your customers, then it is not about data-drivenmarketing, it's about listening to customer in a mass way. Remember: the value of data is the real behaviour, the actual experiences of consumers. What changes your job in the digital era of transformation? 14. The promise Create unique customer experiences Deliver data-informed creative experiences You need to have a clear vision, a customer strategy, the technology in place and use realtime and complete analytics to create this unique experiences. What job changes and data do you need to deliver the promise of true one-to-one experiences? 15. The value of Data Most companies lack the fundamentals of database marketing activities as they ignore the low hanging fruits: targetting own digital assets, like the company website, where you have a direct response on both content and user experience. combining CRM data, ad-serving behavioral data with 3rd party audience data will yield into a triple digits ROI! 16. Success.. Succes requires an iterative an ongoing process, taking a hard look at the business, the concept and a product as designed and continuously innovating. Digital Developments and Innovation change the business models and the way companies are structured. Succes in Business and Marketing is about Customer focus on Intimacy, being open, flexible and fearless of change and embracing technology as is empowers changes.What is your contribution to succes? 17. Digital Jobs Get your succes in transformation Marketing | Technology | Intimacy 18. Contact +31 6 50243993 @athalieStegeman LinkedIn: AthalieS