Social Media Marketing - How to succeed with Facebook marketing & Apps?

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Text of Social Media Marketing - How to succeed with Facebook marketing & Apps?

  1. 1. Case Study on Basics Lifes Facebook marketing Presented By Faheem Ahmed Founder & CEO, BYT Social @faheems
  2. 2. Facebook Stats for India Number of users on Facebook in India: over 13 million Number of male users on Facebook in India: 9 million Number of female users on Facebook in India: 4 million 78% of them in 18-34 age group 50% of Facebook users have income over 2 lacs / pa Half of the users are above 24 years of age. 63% users are graduates & above. Has overtaken Orkut in India
  3. 3. Facebook penetration in India
  4. 4. Facebook growth in India
  5. 5. Background - Basics Life & BYT Basics Life is a 20 year old fashion company with 3 brands Basics 029, Genesis & Probase. Basics 029 is a casual wear brand, Genesis is a formal wear brand popular with young professionals & Probase is a youth brand which is easy on the pockets. BYT is a digital agency with expertise in social applications development, Social media marketing, online advertising & web applications
  6. 6. With growing dominance of Facebook, initial skepticism and a small marketing budget the choice was clear to engage on Facebook first. Connect with brand loyalists Brand Advocacy Communication Crowdsourcing Customer service issues & support CRM Tool Strategy
  7. 7. Execution As with any fan page, we invited friends & family and saw a viral effect with plenty of friends of friends becoming fans. We decided early on, not to engage in non- brand conversation. Research was clear that people are on brands pages for product info, offers, contests, etc. & not for Friendship BYT suggested a Facebook contest application which will help spread brand awareness through questions about the brand. Product updates & conversations around the brand. Execution
  8. 8. Viral Campaigns like Write a Slogan (offline & online) Find the Colombo store contest Model Hunt for Fashion Show Brand awareness quiz (weekly) Close to 4000 people have used this app till date. Campaigns
  9. 9. Find Colombo StoreSlogan contest
  10. 10. Find Colombo StoreChetan Bhagats 5 Point Someone
  11. 11. Find Colombo StorePromotions with Stars Did promos along with Galatta Cinema & south Indian stars like Simbu, Arya, Bharat & others
  12. 12. Find Colombo StoreFind Colombo store
  13. 13. Model hunt
  14. 14. Demographics
  15. 15. UserbaseQuick Facts 21,500+ fans 94% of Fans are Male 91% are between 13-34 Top cities are Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc 15k in India and 4.5k in Sri Lanka Over 75% of the traffic to online store is from Facebook. No SEO done as yet
  16. 16. UserbaseMeasuring success Fans raving about the brand on the page Bloggers picking up the story Afaqs! Reporter, Indias leading magazine for advertising, media & marketing picked us to be part of their cover story. Small Brands on Facebook Kapil Ohri. Kapil says After visiting more than 75 Facebook brand pages of Indian Brands - various small brands are utilising their Facebook presence more effectively and intelligently than many big brands. Despite their size and marketing muscle, many big brands fall behind when it comes to number of fans and interactivity on their Facebook brand pages
  17. 17. UserbaseWhat did we learn? With increasing number of fans outside of service areas we had to start an online store Growth cannot be achieved only through viral campaigns. Learnt the power of social advertising to increase fan base What we believed will do well does not resonate with fans always. Be ready to accept that.
  18. 18. UserbaseHow did we do it? Co management. Social media cannot be completely outsourced. Social advertising. No Money No Honey! Committed effort on a daily basis Listen, adapt & adopt what fans have to say Engaging apps Viral campaigns Tell a story through - Great visuals, videos, articles, etc
  19. 19. UserbaseThank You Faheem Ahmed Founder & CEO, BYT Social ----------------------------------------------------------------- email facebook twitter faheems