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  1. 1. Mobile Apps For Marketing By OmnePresent
  2. 2. Trends of Texting Mobile Messaging and Social Apps are released every month Companies are capitalising on peoples phone addiction Many Online Apps such as Tinder, Whisper and Quiz App are a few to name who are taking pathbreaking steps in changing the way we interact with people Prime Contenders like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, And KiK are the ones who are focusing on Messaging only Here we will understand how these social app could help us to build our marketing strategy
  3. 3. WhatsApp Messenger A Free and the Most Popular messaging App The App had an amazing 700 million user base according to a public record, on december 2014. Before the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook for 19 million dollars it never spent money on any advertisements Whatsapp is free for the first year, and then it's $1 per year Although it never promotes any ads.It was used by BBC last year to send news through broadcast
  4. 4. SnapChat As the name suggests it's an image,video sharing messaging app Updated Features allow users to record videos and draw on photos Stories feed can be used by brands to place their photos so that the user can see it The Developers added Discover feature to the feed where the brands can place photos which disappear within 24 hours
  5. 5. Viber A very popular messaging and calling app for IOS users Founded in Cyprus by an Israeli entrepreneur Allows VIber to Viber free calling facility Viber allows to make domestic and international calls Public chats allows people to follow celebrity chats Allows users to download stickers from the brands
  6. 6. Its a free voice and video calling and messaging application Integrated with spotify to listen to music and allows users to play games with each others The chat list opens advertisements in open chats The Newsfeed ad option is similar to Facebooks advertising option, where sponsored posts are placed in feed Twitters mobile ad network MoPub is used to run ads in the app Tango
  7. 7. Line Founded in japan, line is a very popular and ace messaging service Its Features : Messaging Voice calls Camera With Filters Forums for topic-based chatting Timeline for sharing status update Provides the brands to create stickers and publish them for the users to send Brands can send target advertising to users
  8. 8. Messaging Apps : The Climb Messaging Apps are changing the market, they are forcing the cellular carriers to change the way they do business Smaller messaging Apps are adding features that they could expand in future Obviously theres a need to understand how these apps could be utilized to market the brand Its about the tool that could help them say what they want to
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