Startup Marketing Series: The Marketing Assessment

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3-part event created for Bizdom Cleveland as an entrepreneur's guide to marketing success. Session 1The Marketing Assessmentfocuses on how to analyze your company, allocate resources and build a strong core.


  • 1.the marke)ng assessment: how to analyze your company, allocate resources and build a strong coreMay 28, 2013startup marke)ng series

2. 1) build brand.2) generate leads.3) convert leads into sales.4) increase customer loyalty. 3. 3 catalysts for transforma)on 4. change velocitysource: Giuseppe ConstanDno 5. by 2017, the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO.source: GartnerIT = CIO CMO 6. of all new markeDng hires will have a technical background starDng in 2013.source: IDC50% 7. selec/ve consump/on 8. 9. of the decision-making process B2B customers go through is complete before contacDng a sales rep.source: MarkeDng Leadership Council60% 10. success factors 11. CMOs today are under increasing pressure to provide quan*able evidence of how their markeDng expenditure is helping the organizaDon achieve its goals. IBM Global Chief MarkeDng Ocer Study, 2011 12. source: IBM Global Chief MarkeDng Ocer Study, 2011 13. the marke)ng assessment 14. poten)al & expecta)onsfounda)onpla;ormexpecta)onspoten)alstrategysource: Jayneandd 15. Marke)ng Score (@MKTScore) is a free online tool powered by PR 20/20 that assesses the strength of business and markeDng founda)ons, forecasts poten)al and aligns expecta) 16. MarkeDng Scoreevery element of an organiza)on, as it relates to marke)ng, can be divided into: assets, neutrals and escalators. 17. Dene FoundaDon Projectsassets vs escalatorsassets = strengths that can accelerate marke*ng success.escalators = weaknesses that require addi*onal resources to build up and improve. 18. devise marke)ng strategies.allocate )me, money and talent.adapt resources and priori)es. 19. Dene FoundaDon Projectsrate your marke/ngsubjecDve analysisinternal stakeholders10 secDons132 factors0-5 = escalators6-7 = neutrals8-10 = assets 20. MarkeDng Scoregain perspec)ve from mul)ple sourcesCMO sec*on score (le7) = 62% vs. CEO sec*on score (right) = 38% 21. meet social business unlimited (SBU) a hypothe)cal B2B company 22. Dene FoundaDon Projectsthe backstory by the numbersenterprise social sobware company6 months oldseed funding of $250,00030 acDve customersavg. 50 users per account at $10 per user ($500/month)recurring revenue = $15,000/monthseeking Series A funding of $2.5 million 23. 73% rated as escalators (including N/A) 24. nancial stability (3) is a concern.marke)ng budget (5-10%) is a challenge.brand, leads and sales all high priority.marke)ng team (1) is weak.weak customer (3) and lead (2) databases.lacking criDcal markeDng tech soluDons.audiences primarily escalators.source: leon_eyemuch building work to be done . . .key ndings 25. top 3-5 key performance indicators (KPIs)?highest priority marketing needs?greatest opportunities for growth?marketing staffing plans?commitment to content marketing?source: Ethan Lobon 26. Dene FoundaDon Projects top KPIswebsite visitors leadsfree trials signupscustomer conversionscustomer reten)on (churn)recurring revenue12 %21 % 27. (brand, website trac, social reach and inuence, contact databases, content, partnerships, goodwill . . .) every organizaDon should be focused on building assets that can be leveraged to accelerate success. 28. 1 million+ visitors per month510,000+ Facebook likes288,000+ Twijer followers60,000+ leads per month 29. builders vs. drivers 30. Dene FoundaDon Projectsfounda/on projectssales/marke)ng integra)onperformance dashboardwebsite op)miza)onsocial strategycontent calendarmarke)ng automa)on techsource: Grant Neufeld 31. bloggingcase studiessocial engagementbuilder campaigns 32. driver campaignscustomer referral IT persona lead genagency partner program 33. session 2: the scorecard (june 4)session 3: the gameplan (june 11) 34. paul thank you