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  • Company Overview

  • Who is Saddle Ranch Productions?

    Saddle Ranch Productions brings 27 years of experience in producing content for place based media, converting from videotape to DVD in 1999 and to broad-band digital in 2002.

    With our roots firmly entrenched in film and documentary production, and our knowledge within place-based environments, SRP has become the leader in the production of digital signage. We also develop, market, and manage ultra rich, interactive, digital web sites for Saddle Ranch films, documentaries, digital signage clients, and web based businesses. Our Social Media Marketing team is the creator of the patent pending technology, Sul Set. Sul Set is a revolutionary technology that utilizes live streaming footage to broadcast to the masses. Fur-ther, SRP options, develops, and acquires film and documentary projects focusing in the new Screen Actors Guild Ultra Low Budget category.

    Digital Signage Film Documentaries Advanced Media

    Digital Signage Utilizing Targeted Content Mapping (TCM), we can understand your business needs and goals. We can then deliver a Customized Content Solu-tion that will maximize your ROI.

    Documentaries Our projects include hot topic documentaries that are sure to intrigue the masses and stir up conversation.

    Advanced Media By designing and incorporating websites, social media initia-tives, and our patented technologies, we can further support our clients marketing strategies and business goals.

    Film Our roots are in film and we specialize in the production of Screen Actors Guild ultra low budget feature films.

    What does SRP do?Saddle Ranch Productions (SRP) has become the leader in producing content specifically for digital place-based media. Relevancy is the success driver for content that needs to break-through and capture peoples attention as they move throug different environments during their day. SRPs focus for developing content strate-gies for their clients is putting the right message in context to influence a desired action and/or purchase. Its simple customer targeting that is proven to work!

    StrategySaddle Ranch Productions utilizes a Targeted Content Mapping process to gain insights that allow us to develop a dynamic content strategy connecting your brand to your target audience.

    DesignSaddle Ranch Productions ensures your place-based content is designed to be compatible not only with the environment and target audience but, importantly, with the look and tone of your overall marketing campaign.

    Advanced Digital Presence The result of a tightly targeted content strategy is a real connectivity between the brand and the audience. A connectivity that creates an influen-tial presence and receptivity of the messaging and, ultimately, secures a call to action or sale.

  • Advanced Digital Presence

    Is your current digital signage a reflection of who you really are?



    ReducePreceivedWait Time

    Educate Entertain

    - Up-Sell- Cross-Sell

    - Call to Action- Drive to Purchase

    Dont lose another dollar of business from your Digital Signage network that is not properly reflecting your brand, maximizing its potential, or sending the correct message.

    Whether it is to elevate your business, sell more services, or lessen perceived wait time, Saddle Ranch Productions can help with your Custom Content Solution.

  • Targeted Content Mapping

    Saddle Ranch Productions uses a 4-step needs analysis process to map out a Customized Content Solution:

  • What is Targeted Content Mapping?

    What is Targeted Content Mapping?

    In order to produce the right content to meet your business goals, it is imperative that we understand your business. In the digital world, the content must be specifi-cally targeted to your audience. In order to do so, we need information about your business including the audience demographic, a profile of your venue, the dwell time, and the message you want to convey. The process used by Saddle Ranch Productions to map out your Customized Content Solution is called Targeted Content Mapping.

    Features and Benefits of Targeted Content Mapping

    Targeted Content Mapping is a proprietary targeted development process which includes:

    Venue Profiling Defining the engagement influencers within the environment.

    Audience Profiling Customer targeting to create relevant communication strategy.

    Dwell Time Face to Sign time utilized to produce appropriate segment lengths.

    Message The content connectors that will motivate your audience to action.

    Targeted Content Mapping Audit

    The Targeted Content Mapping Audit is used to collect information that is relevant to your brand, environment, and audience.

    In order to perform a proper analysis we need to know how many screens you have as well as the size and shape of your location. How long is a viewer exposed to the signage? What type of venue is it? Retail? Doctors office? Mall? What is your goal? Is it to educate your clients? Are you trying to increase immediate sales or return customers? Are you trying to decrease perceived wait time? Who is your audi-ence? We will need detailed demographics of your target consumer.

    A comprehensive TCM Audit will help identify opportunities to enhance your brands relationship with consumers by driving relevance, value, and truly connected messaging.

    This is a very simple, but invaluable process, with our online Targeted Content Mapping form.

    Take our Targeted Content Mapping Audit at

  • Case Study: PetCARE TV

    CARE Medias PetCARE TV Network reaches over 1,000,000 visitors a month and viewers think positively about the specialized programming.

    More than 200,000 people visit PetCARE TV offices weekly. An Arbitron study from 2009 found that:

    A majority (97%) think PetCARE TV is a good thing for doctors offices to offer clients while in the waiting area

    94% think PetCARE TV helps to pass the time spent waiting

    92% think PetCARE TV is a credible source of information that they find useful

    Benefits of PetCARE TV to a veterinarians practice

    PetCARE TV educates pet parents at a time when they are most receptive to their pets health and well being - while waiting to see their veterinarian. PCTV enhances the front office image and conveys the importance the practice places on client education.

    Benefits to the pet parents

    Pet parents are exposed to several topics while they wait regarding the changing health needs of their pet and the importance of compliance with their veterinarians recommendations. The programming encourages clients to ask questions about their pets healthcare resulting in more effective communications between the pet owner and their veterinarian.

    About PetCARE TV Television Network

    PetCARE TV offers effective client education tools that allow veterinarians to educate and entertain waiting clients and reduce the perceived waiting time.

    PetCARE TV is hosted by nationally known media veterinar-ians, Dr. Jeff Werber and Dr. Bernadine Cruz. Current news topics are provided by Veterinary News Network (VNN) with Dr. Jim Humphries. PetCARE TV also has an interac-tive online site which provides pet owners a forum to interact with other pet owners and veterinarians.

    SRP is the exclusive content provider for PetCARE TV.

  • SRP is the exclusive content provider for PetCARE TV.

    Case Study: Womens HealthCARE TV

    TAMPA, FL - CARE Medias Womens HealthCARE TV Network reaches over 150,000 patients a week and 95% of respondents think the specialized womens programming is a good thing for doctors offices to offer their patients.

    With an average OB/GYN wait-time of 25 minutes, an Arbitron study from 2009 found that:

    95% think Womens HealthCARE TV is a credible source of useful health information

    94% of supermajority OB/GYN patients watch Womens HealthCARE TV

    Additionally, a full third of respondents said they saw something on Womens HealthCARE TV that reminded them to speak with their doctor or nurse.

    Womens HealthCARE TV network provides programs that span the range from puberty through menopause and beyond with topics such as urinary disorders, mammograms, heart disease, infertility, pregnancy issues, cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV.

    Benefits of Womens HealthCARE TV to a physicians practice

    Womens HealthCARE TV educates women at a time when they are more receptive to, and compliant with, their doctors recommendations. The programming pro-vides valuable information that enhances the doctorpatient relationship. WHCTV also enhances the front office image while providing detailed educational program-ming.

    Benefits to the patient

    Womens HealthCARE TV educates patients in an engaging and entertaining format. The programming encourages patients to ask questions about their

    healthcare. After viewing the content, patients better under-stand the standards of care, resulting in more effective com-munication between doctors and patients.

    About Womens HealthCARE Television Network

    Womens HealthCARE TV stands ready to equip OB/GYNs across the United States with a tool that helps them to es-tablish a rapport-building partnership with patients from the moment they step into the waiting room. Womens HealthCARE TV is broadcast digitally to a supplied wait-ing room monitor and offers engaging health care pro-gramming that will create awareness about preventative health care measures while educating women on specific health related topics. Patient