Tools to motivate yourself in the new year

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Text of Tools to motivate yourself in the new year

  • Yes, its 2016 and everyone is finally putting their resolutions to the test, but sometimes finding the necessary motivation needed to achieve new goals can be a challenge. Worry not all it takes is the right tools!

    Lets take a look at some ways we can put our best foot forward throughout the year ahead.

  • Finding motivation for the busy day ahead means starting the morning off with a bang (that means no snooze buttons). Get up, get out, and get moving! Wake up with the goal of getting some good exercise in. Afterward, tackle those important tasks you find yourself resisting the most so you dont spend the day dreading the inevitable.

  • Are there any problem areas in your life? Whats holding you back? Sit down and really take some time to think about what it is that prevents you from reaching certain goals. Once you acknowledge the sources of those impediments, you can create a plan to tackle those issues head on.

  • Sometimes seeing is believing. Give yourself some visual inspiration. For example, if youre looking to study harder or graduate from school, consider ordering a fake diploma to hang on your wall, or you can try ordering fake transcripts with all passing or A grades. Seeing what could be tomorrow today is a fun and easy way to find it within yourself to work even harder.

  • It takes two to tango! Get yourself a buddy who is also looking for motivation and make a pact to hold each other responsible. Working together with someone else can really help out during those moments when you feel like giving up.

  • Affirmation is an extremely powerful tool for getting into the right state of mind:

    Wake up every day by asking yourself a few empowering questions.

    Smile at yourself in the mirror (even if you dont feel like it).

    Come up with your own mantra.

    Leave positive notes for yourself in places you see everyday.

  • What are some of your biggest achievements? Think about how good you felt during those truly successful moments. Chances are you probably felt super confident and empowered. Getting back in touch with those feelings is a great motivator for moving forward.

  • Distractions are everywhere. Its no wonder our thoughts are so jumbled! Once youve come up with your ultimate goals, write out a list of every step that must be taken in order to get there. Then focus on just one step at a time.

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