Top 5 tips to get the best from Event Photography

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  • Top 5 tips to get the best from Event Photography

    Photos are the best to capture those special moments in your life and keep them alive for ever. You just have one chance to capture the glory of an event before it is gone forever. It is really important that you choose the right event photographer in Singapore and make sure that that they are well-prepared for the event. Here are some useful tops to get the best from event photography:

    Smartphones or Photographers

    Most smartphones these days have cameras of superb quality and with various photo editing app,astounding effects can be achieved on the photos your click. But can you rely on the audience forcapturing all the special moments of the event you have planned on their phones.

    It is always better to hire the services of professional photographers like Pixioo Photography as they ensure that all the key moments of your event is captured and they are worth your every single penny. It is appreciable for guests in the events to take pictures and also share them in the social media but snapshots are not enough. The quality of pictures taken by professional photographers is amazing and they ensure that you get the most out of them.

    Experience matters

    Amateur photographers might charge you less but experience matters in this case. If your budget is tight, then hire someone even if it is half the day.

    Check references and portfolio

    A good photographer is always in demand and if you still have not come across someone like that, then look for references. Check the portfolio of the photographer you are considering to work with. Ask for their previous work samples and ask whether they have covered events similar to yours.

    Venue Knowledge

    This is something that is mostly overlooked but is really important. Make sure that the photographer visits the place before the event date.

    Ask for quotation

    Give as much information to the photographer as possible and then ask for the quotation like what all do you expect, how you want to use the photographs later etc.