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<p> 1. Wholesale Walkie Talkie Watches From Tradestead,Have A Hi-Tech Experience! <br />Walkie talkie watch is a lightweight, the newest generation in personal two-way communications device that can be used to stay connected up to 2.5KM with family or friends at parks, shopping malls, concerts, virtually any indoor or outdoor activities. Putting aside the sleek design, the sound quality and long operating distance are so impressive.<br />It would be great for not just kids but for grown ups and is a cheaper alternative to two-way radios with multi channels and for half the price, you can wear it on your wrist or even use the earphones included with the pair.<br />Features of wrist walkie talkies will include :<br />Wrist watch-shaped design for convenience and portability<br />Multiple channels<br />Channel-scan capability<br />Loaded with CTCSS<br />Up to 2.5km operating range<br />Built-in microphone and speaker<br />Adjustable wrist strap<br />Built-in VOX<br />Built-in antenna<br />LCD display with back light<br />Auto squelch for minimum noise<br />Automatically switch to Power Saving Mode in low battery condition<br />Low-battery indicator<br />Among the various positive features, it has a great color and is popular for its high sound quality so it is reliable for long distance communications even under extreme outdoor conditions. So if you go hiking or camping, this walkie talkie watch is perfect!<br />Walkie talkies are specially designed for portable radio communications. It can be used for business public safety outdoor recreation among others.Kids will have hours of fun with these walkie talkie watch set. Whether role playing scenes from The Clone Wars or just sharing secret messages, these digital watches are sure to please. Batteries included.<br />Now, let's take a look you will hear the sounds from customers who have an amazing experience.<br />Beth:We've had these walkie talkies for a few weeks now. They've come in handy when my daughter plays at friends' houses down the street. Instead of calling each others homes we communicate directly using these gadgets. It's a great way to keep tabs on her whereabouts in the neighborhood without bothering the other parents. My sister uses it to keep tabs on her older son at the playground while she tends to her toddler daughter.<br />Katt:I bought this for my nephew who's 10 and am happy I did. My nephew is very happy with it &amp; his only "complaint" is he wishes he had more walkie talkies to play with ALL his siblings...<br />Secret Agent:We're having fun with these!<br />Tradestead.com is an online wholesale electronics store based in China. Offers consumer electronics and electronic gadgets at lowest price. Online Purchasing walkie talkies watch from Largest Chinese Electronics Wholesaler Tradestead,Perfect Hi-Tech Experience!<br />Walk the talk while you walk!<br />For more,pls visit <br />http://www.tradestead.com/wholesale-walkie-talkie-watches_c153_pg1.html <br /></p>