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2. WHAT IS YES? 3. The Young E ntrepreneursSociety of the Philippines, aNational Student organization, is thestudent arm of the EntrepreneurshipEducatorsAssociation ofthePhilippines (ENEDA) where the topEntrepreneurship Educators of ourcountry are gathered. 4. aims to: 5. MISSION 6. to develop a widespread and well-orientedorganization of entrepreneurial and businessgroups, with the showcase of entrepreneurialcompetencies within and outside of the country to promote the entrepreneurial spirit amongbusiness students and every individuals as theeconomic heroes of todays trend. 7. VISION 8. To become a competitive and efficientbinding force of chains of businessorganizations that offers widely beneficialeconomic ventures in the Philippines. 9. OBJECTIVES 10. To facilitate competitive and worthwhile activitiesencompassing the whole organization and itscorrespondingmembers.(i.e. competitions,conventions, etc) To support local student organizations throughsponsored seminars, workshops and mentorship. Todevelopstudentcompetitiveness inentrepreneurial management. 11. BENEFITS 12. National RecognitionSince YES is a national Organization, it hasmembers all over the country and isrecognized by almost all leading Universitiesand colleges. TV and radio access throughthe GoNegosyo programs and others. 13. NetworksComprehensive network between student andbusiness organizations, government agencies,and other NGOsEntrepreneurship Educators Associationof the Philippines (ENEDA)Philippines Center for Entrepreneurship(PCE)Commission on Higher Education (CHED)Schools nationwideAnd other organizations 14. SpeakersYES can provide a database and collection ofresource speakers, professors, entrepreneursand mentors for skills and workshops trainingfor your local organization.Business Summit and Business Camps YES holds annual student conventions to acquaint the members about the current business trends and the new opportunities in the business landscape. 15. Seminars Other privileges and perks Sponsorship database 16. YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS SOCIETY!

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