5 Ways to Be Happier at Work ASAP

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Weve all read advice on how to be more efficient and harder working in the office. Productivity tends to be the name of the game when it comes to professional improvement. But ultimately, our mental health is just as important as the documents we draft and the spreadsheets we email out. So, how do we effectively walk the line between being professionally productive and personally happy?


5 Ways to Be Happier at Work ASAP


1. Have Fun Like a Kid

Okay, dont get too crazy with this, but taking a few minutes to step away from your desk and play can seriously get you out of a rut.

2. Create a Playlist of Songs

Music can seriously improve your mood (and productivity) when youre having a bad day. So pull together some of your favorite songs and use the beats to keep you going through the day.

3. Drink Water

This might seem slightly odd, but drinking water basically helps with everything. Keep a tall glass of H2O on your deskit will help keep you focused and hydrated and will fight away any nagging headache.You will feel amazing, and your office outlook will be improved.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Its that simple. Being well-rested allows you to focus and think better, meaning you spend less time zoned out and more time engaged. Grumpiness is less of an issue when youve had thosesolid eight hours of sleep.

5. Take Your Vacations

Seriously, they exist for a reason. Not only does taking that vacation help improve your happiness, its alsogood for your career. Start dreaming of where you want to go today, and then snatch up those plane tickets!

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