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Creating An Amazing LinkedIn Profile

10 Steps to an All-Star LinkedIn Account


A great LinkedIn profile can get you found and contacted by the right people. Follow these steps to become a LinkedIn All-Star

Change to why is this important?Visibility on LinkedIn and GoogleGive people everything they need or you want them to know from contact details to presentation decksBuilds your personal brandPassive marketing Increases the likelihood of connection request approvals > builds your network > gets you found more


When was the last time you reviewed your profile?Want to learn how to bring your profile to All-Star strength?

When was the last time you reviewed your LinkedIn profile?

When you log in, you can check the strength of your profile in the upper RIGHT corner.

Would you like to have an All-Star rating like mine?

I will show you 10 tips that will help maintain or receive your All Star LinkedIn profile strength.3

It All Starts With Your Headline

Have a professional headshotClear & Concise Headline

Use all 120 Characters

Use | to Separate Titles

Use Industry Keywords

Customize Your Profile URL

First impressions are everything.

You need to have a professional head shot.

You need to create a clear and concise headline that will capture peoples attention and explain what you do for a living.

You have 120 characters, make sure you use them all.

Use pipes or stars to separate your titlesyes, you should have more than 1 title.

Dont for get to customize your LinkedIn URL.

Also, make sure to include all relevant contact information.4

Create A Brilliant Summary

A Short Clear Message on What You DoWrite in the first person

Make it personal

Show how YOU can help

Use keywords for searches

Add media

People will read your summary. Make sure that is clear and concise. Bullet points are great to get your key messages across.

You have 2000 characters to work with.

Write in in the first person.

Make sure whoever is ready your summary understands how they would be able to benefit from engaging in your services, doing business with you or just connecting with you.

Dont forget to take advantage of the ability to add media to your summary. You can add files, PDFs, video and of course Slideshares (Slideshare in owned by LinkedIn). This is another opportunity to highlight your skills or showcase your products or services.5

Experience Past & Present

Use action words

Outline achievements

Speak to your audience

Just like a resume, include action words, outline relevant achievements and make to that you speak to your specific audience. Include examples of how you helped past clients achieve great results.

Like your summary, make sure your experience is written in the first person.



Use action words

Outline achievements

Speak to your audience

This is similar to your past and present experience. This area allows you to highlight any education you have, relevant course you may have taken, any other personal information you would like to use to connect with potential connections and advice on the best way to contact you outside of LinkedIn.7

Get Endorsed

Keep your skills relevant

Endorse other connections

Top 3 endorsements should match your top skills

When choosing skills to highlight in your LinkedIn profile, make sure to keep them relevant to your specific industry or job.

Your top 3 endorsements should also be your top 3 skills.

If you feel they are worthy of an endorsement, never be afraid to endorse your connections. If you endorse a connection, they will typically reciprocate the gesture.

People do look at you skills and who has endorsed you. This can be a powerful way to earn someones business. It will also make it easier for people to endorse you if you have a lot of existing endorsements. 8

Recommendations Go A Long Way

Dont be afraid to ask for one

4 8 are ideal

Recommend other connections

Provides credibility

Just like endorsing someone never be afraid to ask for a recommendation. As you know, some of the best referrals are from friends, family and business associates. If you can have 4 to 8 referrals from people you have worked with, done business with, etc it goes a long way to building your credibility with potential customers or employers.

If someone asks you for a recommendation, make sure to get them to recommend you too. Write it for them if you have to!


Who Are You Following?

Follow Influencers

A great resource for shareable content

Make sure to follow influencers.

Influencers are established business leaders, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and other people LinkedIn deems to be influential in their field. Their experience and ideas are varied.

Influencers are similar to people who are verified on Twitter.

They are a great source of curated content to share within your network.


Follow Relevant Groups

You can join up to 50

Improves visibility

Helps with networking

Stay within your industry

Groups are very important. Make sure you join industry relevant groups.

By joining a group you can post information to that group and it will be seen by al the members of the group. It is a great way to become more visable within your specific industry. You can also reach out and contact members of the group.

Please remember to keep your comments and posts within the group relevant to group.


Keep Up With Your Connections

50+ connections to be an All-Star

Engage with you connections

Search for people to connect with

You need a minimum of 50 connections to reach all star status. Make sure you are continually searching for relevant people to connect with. Make sure they are relevant to your business activities. LinkedIn is not Facebook.

Also, be sure to continue to engage with your existing followers. 12

Other All Star Tips

Share UpdatesInteract with Connections


Some other quick tips to get your profile to All-Star status are to make sure you share updates of your latest business activities, publish relevant material (either curated or original) and to interact with your current connections. Make sure to view the connections area. It will help show you who is celebrating significant milestones and also make sure to like and comment on articles that have been posted by your connections.13

How to Become an All-StarCreate a great headline

Create a brilliant summary

Highlight your education

Get endorsed

Ask for recommendations

Follow influencers

Join relevant groups

Manage your connections

Share updates

Publish posts

If you follow these quick 10 tips, you will be well on your way to creating an All-Star LinkedIn profile.14

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