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No Nonsense Networking

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"It's wo you know, not WHO knows you."

Text of No Nonsense Networking

  • 1. No nonsense
    Presented by
    Felina Martin
    eventions, LLC

2. Purpose:Combating the fear of meeting new people in a business or social setting that prevents one from building a powerful network of people that can help them succeed.This is an interactive workshop that will provide tips and tricks that will have you networking within minutes.Deliverables: 1.Gain powerful tips to overcoming your fear of networking2.Create an image that will attract people to you3.How to manage professional relationships that will last forever4.How to utilize your network to get what you want
3. Why?
Why is Networking important?
1)Industry Stats
More than 250 million active users
More than 120 million users log on to Facebook at least once each day
More than two-thirds of Facebook users are outside of college
The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older
Average user has 120 friends on the site
2)Who Do You Know?Who Knows You?
If someone introduces you and attends an introductory meeting or call, the chance of closing the business or getting the job is 80%. Similar chances through a cold call are 1%. Sandler Sales Institute
4. Tag, youre it!
5. The RED HATtips and tricks
A Memorable Look
Business Cards
Name Tags
6. The RED HAT - Your Image
Make Them Remember
Before anybody gives you points for inner beauty or intellectual capacities, before they listen to your theories on cold fusion, global warming, or the necessity of zero population growth, they will-consciously or subconsciously-judge you by your appearance.
-Leah Feldon, author of Does This Make Me Look Fat
7. The RED HAT - Business Cards
The Back is Where its At!
-Business:Mission Statement, Services,
Testimonials, Directions, Store Hours, Appointments, Products, Awards
-Personal:Honors/Awards, Leadership Titles, etc.
Otherfactors to consider:Unique color, paper weight, pattern
8. The RED HAT Name Tags
Self stick it!
1.Write first name
2.Write AKA name or phrase related to product or service
Professional Tag
1.Big and Bold lettering
2.Use logo
Alternate Tag
-Use to introduce a product, special offer,etc
9. A Net that Works
The Bait
People pay me to party.
The Catch (30-Second Commercial)
I offer consulting, raise capital
and plan events to make businesses more profitable and non-profits
more effective.
Build Rapport
Maintain Relationship
10. A Net that Works
Build Rapport
-Its not about you!
-Common interest
-Make them talk-3 questions
to ask
11. A Net that Works
Maintain Relationships
Document important dates, interests, hobbies, family, etc,
Calls, note cards, special occasion cards, lunch invitation, articles on industry, invitation to social events, etc
Introduce to potential business contact REFERRALS
Do what you do so well that people cant resist telling others about you.- Walt Disney
12. Felina MartinEventionsPO Box 10673Tallahassee, [email protected]

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