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1. Unit 51 Page Layout & Design PR8-b: Editing and Processing Text to Meet a Brief Product Research: Double Page Spread Magazine Articles All magazine articles follow a particular framework or structure. Headline: All stories have a headline, or masthead which gives the reader an idea of what the article is about. Headlines in music magazines often use puns or other techniques, such as alliteration, to captivate their audience. Introduction: As the first paragraph in an article, the introduction is very important. Its contents tell the reader in more detail what the article is about. Research into how people read magazines shows that most people read the headline first, followed by the first paragraph of the story. If the introduction is not interesting then most people will to continue reading the article. The first paragraph is often known as a kicker printed in a bold font. 2. Features of magazine articles Informal language Use of puns Use of alliteration Exaggeration for effect Slang Colloquial language (chatty) Informal names used Short, snappy sentences Heightened language (over the top) Adjectives are often exciting and risque There is a focus upon appearance/style Frequent use of elision e.g. wont, dont. (another informal technique) 3. Language Content Style Proof read: Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation Headlines Dans writing style was a mixture of formal and informal it had to be formal enough to make a mature connection with the audience but also didnt alienate them with the overuse of elevated lexis. The purpose of Dans story is informative but also his own opinion his creates of a level almost a likening to the reader, he has to be either critical or positive in this case he is negative but still doesnt become nonchalant in his writing and doesnt just disregard it but yet instead gives it constructive criticism which people can take on board. He also forms his own opinion from the outset which is what is needed in a review The article is about an opinion so it isnt chatty towards the reader but still makes a connection almost like it would be a friend asking what they thought of the film, its honest and straight to the point. Dans grammar is good however is spelling is not the best so other than that his work was good he spaces out his work to make it clear if he moves onto another point it is clearly indicated throughout the piece of writing. His use of personification is brilliant in his article he uses the title of the film in his headline which makes the reader instantly relax and make it more enjoyable and less like it all that serious a piece