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2. WHAT IS A DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD?In page layout and typography, a spread (also known as a two-page spread) is the unit formed by two adjacent, facing pages in a magazineor other publication, featuring a single image (such as a photograph or a piece of artwork) or a themed group of images. 3. FORMS & CONVENTIONS OF DOUBLE PAGE SPREADSSet on two pages, astext drags on to nextpage.There is always bold writing tohighlight the main point.Often contains extra information Continuousboxescolour schemeon both pages. Usually a collection of images relating to issue. Sometimespictures are spread out,sometimes boxed together. 4. TARGET AUDIENCE The main aim of a double page spread is to inform the reader ofwhat you are advertising or promoting. To appeal to my target audience, I will have to make sure thespread is featured in an appropriate magazine. I will also have toconsider all elements of a double page spread, such asappropriate colour, layout and font etc. 5. Magazines 6. Newspapers

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