Best Features Of The Top 10 Cool Websites Of 2013

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TIME Editors have recently published their annual list of cool websites for the year 2013. They have selected 50 best of the best websites whether they are newly launched or have been on the World Wide Web for a few years now. Their main criteria are information and entertainment that save you money and time. So which ones are they? The editors have categorized the winners into 10, so lets check them out!


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2. The Top 10Cool Websites of 2013TIME Editors have recently published theirannual list of cool websites for the year2013.Their main criteria are information andentertainment that save you money andtime. So which ones are they?The editors have categorized the winnersinto 10, so lets check them out! 3. The Top 10Cool Websites of 2013O News and Information Up Worthy 4. The Top 10Cool Websites of 2013O Audio and Video - SoundCloud 5. The Top 10Cool Websites of 2013O Web Tools - Feedly 6. The Top 10Cool Websites of 2013O Social Rebel Mouse 7. The Top 10Cool Websites of 2013O Education - 8. The Top 10Cool Websites of 2013O Home and Family - What the Flicka? 9. The Top 10Cool Websites of 2013O Special Interest - Science Fiction &Fantasy Stack Exchange 10. The Top 10Cool Websites of 2013O Shopping - 11. The Top 10Cool Websites of 2013O Games - 12. The Top 10Cool Websites of 2013O Quirky - You Had One Job 13. Best Features of The Cool Websites 2013UpWorthy.comO well-written headlinesO content and shareability creates powerfulviral effectSoundCloud.comO more listener/reader-angled experienceO stylish and intuitive way to upload filesO Easily publish uploaded music or audiofile 14. Feedly.comO one of the best RSS reader for yearsO continually improved with each updateO fast, fluid and beautiful designO plenty of options for sharing to friendsRebelMouse.comO a free service that connects to your accounts Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram etc.and lays out updates in a Pinterest-typesnippets.O topic-specific tabs and customizable visualthemes. 15. Curious.comO Teachers can easily upload videos andconvert them into lessonsO Has an oversize playback windowO Overall friendly and constructiveWhattheFlicka.comO Showcases real-life parenting and urban-mom survival tipsO Home videos on the spotlightO Sleek and friendly design 16. Scifi.stackexchange.comO A knowledge-sharing community for mostlyprogrammers and geeks who love scifiO Anybody can ask questions and anybodycan answerO Best answers are voted upO Very easy to join and get followersOutgrow.meO Showcases newly produced itemsO Features quick-view of item descriptionO Catalog-style, fast and easy to navigate 17. Sarien.netO Features the all-time favorite video gamesO Easily play games on your browserO No sign-ups requiredHadonejob.comO A collection of image submissions fromanyone with a funny story about his jobO Easy submission via emailO Funny and addictive 18. Iron Egg Website DesignWe love to see you on our websiteFor information on Affordable WebsiteDesign in Ft Worth, Texas please call(866)