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Colorado Litho, Inc

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• 1-6 Color Offset Printing• Short Run Digital Color Printing• Print on Demand• Variable Text and Graphics• One-to-One (1:1) Marketing• pURLs (Personalized URLs)• Email Campaigns• Mailing & Fulfillment Services• Graphic Design• Display Graphics

Text of Colorado Litho, Inc

  • 1. Colorado Litho, Inc.
    Commercial Printing & Mailing Services
  • 2. Mark Auferio
    Sales & Marketing
    Cell 303-587-8701
    [email protected]
    Colorado Litho, Inc.
    6494 West 91st Avenue
    Westminster, CO 80031
    Tel 303-430-0944
    Fax 303-430-0945
    13+ Years Experience in:
    Commercial Printing
    Direct Mail
    Graphic Design
    6+ Years at Colorado Litho
    LinkedIn Profile:
  • 3. Services
    Our in-house services include: Offset Printing,
    Digital Printing, Display Graphics, Direct Mail,
    Fulfillment, pURLs, Email Campaigns
    & Graphic Design.
  • 4. Offset Printing
    Colorado Litho features four offset printing presses of various sizes. Our printing capabilities from one to six colors and run lengths from 500 to 500,000 ensure the right press for the job every time.
  • 5. Digital Printing
    Short Run Color Printing
    Print on Demand
    Variable Text & Graphics
    One-to-One Marketing
    pURLs (Personalized URLs)
  • 6. One-to-One Marketing
    What is One-to-One Marketing?
    One-to-One Marketing is a Multi-Touch, Multi-Media, Multi-Cycle Approach.
    We use Variable Data Color Printing, along with Personalized URLs (pURLs)
    and Personalized Emails to Create a One-to-One Direct Marketing Campaign.
  • 7. 1:1 Marketing Results
    What does that mean for your campaign?
    Increased Response Rates
    Greater ROI (Return on Investment)
    Real-time Campaign Tracking
    Easily Qualify Responders
  • 8. The Power of One-to-One Marketing
    Studies show that using pURLs with a relevant message increase response rates two to five times!
    44% increase in response rates by adding only a name to a static black and white direct mail piece*
    45% increased response by adding color only to the same direct mail piece*
    135% response-rate increase by adding color and name*
    500% increase in response rates by adding database information as well as color and name*
    *Romano and Broudy Study, as cited in Profiting through Personalization, Xerox, 2001
  • 9. Display Graphics
    Large Format Printing
    Pop Up Displays
    POS Point of Sale
    Banners & Signs
    Paper, Cloth, Vinyl
    Stands & Frames
  • 10. Direct MailServices
    Date Preparation
    CASS Certification
    Laser Personalization
    List Brokerage
    Hand Assembly
  • 11. Graphic Design
    Colorado Litho, Inc. offers a wide range of Graphic Design services including
    logos, brochures, stationery, direct mail campaigns, web sites and much more!
  • 12. For more information
    If you would like more information about
    Colorado Litho and our services please contact:
    Mark Auferio
    [email protected]
    or visit us on the web at