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1. Editing DanielaFashion Feature 2. Eyes Using the polygonal lasoo tool I selected thewhite part of Danielas eyes and the colouredpart. I then used the paint brush to colourthese parts to emphasise them. I then madethem more transparent so they lookedrealistic. 3. Eyebrows I made Danielas eyebrows more defined. Iselected the eyebrow with the polygonal lasootool, and coloured it in a dark brown with thebrush tool. I then made the layer moretransparent to make it more realistic. Theeyebrows shape is now more defined and theeyebrows are darker. 4. Lips I decided to make Danielas lips more pink,pink lipstick is trendy and many pop stars wearit. It will also make her pout stand out more. Iused the polygonal lasso tool to select her lips,then the brush tool to colour them in. Ireduced the opacity of the layer to make thelips look more realistic.Jessie J and Taylor Swift,both pop singers wearpink lipstick. 5. Earrings I chose to add earings to Daniela to make herlook more fashionable and trendy. AsDanielas image will be small on my cover Ichose large hoops so they will be seen. Largehoops are stylish, modern and haveconnotations of young people (my targetaudience) First, I sourced an image of hoop earringsfrom the internet - 6. Earrings I then used the polygonal lasso tool to selectone earring. To remove the background of theimage I clickes Select Inverse and then usedthe eraser tool to remove the background. Iscaled the image, holding shift to ensure it didnot become stretched, and moved the imageto Danielas ear. 7. Background I removed the background of Danielas image.Whilst removing the background around herhair I used the feather tool to give it a softerfinish, making the overall outcome morerealistic. 8. Imperfections I used the spot healing brush tool to removeimperfections on Danielas face. 9. Cheekbones I then used the burn tool to darken the areabeneath Danielas cheekbones. I did this tomake Danielas cheekbones stand out, ascheekbones are associated with beauty. 10. Before and After