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Dreams Infocatalyst

Prepare to conquerFor us, business is an arena and your company a contender.

To be able to defeat your competitors with ease,

its necessary to equipyourself suitably.

Thats where we come in. We give you your space to focus on your goals, we make room for growth. All so that you make the most of your resources and emerge victorious.

Who we areThe axis of growthSuccess knocks on the doors of those who dare to dream big. And Param Infocatalyst ensures it does not miss your door

Fueled with knowledge, powered by skill and driven by vision, this one-of-its-kind company provides specialized solutions that promise to augment the growth of your enterprise

With Param Infocatalyst, you can benefit as the dedicated workforce carries out your business functions, so that you can concentrate on your companys future ambitions

What we doCatalyzing the risingYou need to be focused in order to steer your venture forward. And the focus comes when everything else is taken care of.

The backend support of Param Infocatalyst is more than just a helping hand; its a support system that manages your everyday operations that are not considered to be core activities.

This way, you can put more time and energy into activities that are of more strategic importance to increase your companys competiveness.

Our servicesMove forward. Move up.

Hiring Param Infocatalyst means hiring an entire work force; one that is dedicated and competent to handle anything you wish to assign. Param Infocatalyst is composed of three independent units that propel your mammoth endeavor forward

Be it the need of Concept Development or an entire Copy and Content division, theres DSynodd that provides you with necessary requirements for your enterprise

If it is an urgent presentation or a communication that needs to be designed or publicized Dreams Catchers handles assignments with utmost professionalism displayed by its experienced and talented team

Any set up involves acute planning, careful documenting and uninterrupted functioning for a smooth ride to success

Dsynodd, a subset of Param Infocatalyst, is an independent body that offers you regular yet important services which facilitate your companys growth

Dealing with all knowledge based Services; it forms the backbone of any organization

It consists of thorough intellectual leaders that use their expertise to take your business forward

Dsynodd provides various services to meet your and your companys requirements

Corporate Finance Advisory.We offer services with a difference as based on your requirements. We can organize finance for your requirements for Term Loans, Working Capital, Bridging Loans, Loans against immovable properties and these can be provided by us from Indian financial institutions or overseas finance companies, mutual funds or investment banks and investors. We specialize in debt syndication, ECBs, FDIs & have ability to provide a comprehensive range of services like trade finance and various types of International Loan Syndication as well as innovative financial tools for you unique business.

Marketing Support and Business Development.The dSynodd difference is that we partner you from A to Z. We work with you right from the time the contours of a brief emerge. Then we execute the brief and measure the impact of the initiatives that we have taken. We are clear that results is the business we are in.

Our strategic overview

enable business growth through differential positioning by maintaining a crucial, yet delicate balance between fulfilling expectations without losing the innovative edge

engage with business to establish leadership through effective customer acquisition strategies

evolve the business by enhancing value through customer retention

strategies that can create enduring relationships

Let's talk tactical Do you need to make your marketing programs work harder?Are you looking for answers for high performance marketing?Are you under pressure to be more accountable for results?dSynodd willAdd points to your brand's considerable score

Conceive and implement sharp tactical moves

Fashion crisp re-entry strategies

Draw up imaginative go-to-market maneuvers

Grey Cell ServicesMarket Intelligence. Our research is thorough and data driven. The insights we gather, combined with competitive tracking, define a better way forward for our clients

Strategy and Planning. We assess, we assimilate, we implement. We seize opportunities for our clients and we hold ourselves accountable for their success in the marketplace

Communication. We win friends for our clients, we also influence the right audiences on their behalf. We always ask ourselves is our communication persuasive, powerful, incisive and more importantly... truthful?

The CompanyA design house with artists from different backgrounds. No matter what the need is, we are always ready with designs and concepts.

Designing your dreams

Design your business strategy and future plans and leave the rest of the designing to Egg Heads. A design house, Egg Heads is your one-stop creative shop that provides ideas and innovative concepts across varied creative domains. Offering professional services with a personal touch, the team offers vital inputs to help you make a staggering impression on your clients and audience. Be it a requirement for a brochure, corporate presentation, audio visual, printing solutions, training scripts or media, Egg Heads gives you striving ideas and their materialization for a flourishing business.

Our CapabilitiesOnline Presence Management

Web Design & UI DevelopmentOnline Campaigne-Brochures DesignRich Media Applications DesignMicro-site DesignSocial Media Campaigns Strategies & MaintenanceWeb Virale-Mail MarketingOnline Newsletter Design & MarketingBrand and Communications Design

Brand Identity Design Corporate Communications Design Brochures and Print Collateral Design Print productionBrand Promotion & Marketing Design

Exhibition Design Trade Show Design Retail Design Digital Signage Content Creation

Publicity SupportYou are aware others are promoting the same concepts as you are. Thus, it becomes imperative to stand out and give the people plenty of reasons to choose you over them. Egg Heads helps publicize your Concept in the most promising fashion. Publicity Plans-Conceptualization & Implementation Social Media Campaigns - Strategies & Maintenance Web Viral e-Mail Marketing Online Newsletter Marketing Loyalty & Frequency Programs

Media Coverage

Marketing Alliances

Behind growing success,is a growing dream.Param Infocatalyst Pvt. Ltd.New Delhi, India. T +91 11 45657426 M +918800873661Write to [email protected]