1. Discover Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport

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  • Discover Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport
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  • Discover Airport Control Tower
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  • Discover Railways Telecommunications & Control
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  • Discover Medical - Pacemakers
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  • Discover Medical Hospital Beds
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  • Discover Automotive Diagnostics
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  • Connection?
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  • Our Engineers are Discovering
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  • Our Business Company Outline: founded in 1996 headquarters in Prague, branch in Pilsen, Vienna, USA spin-off company 110+ employees, turnover 5+ MEuro Dun & Bradstreet rating 1A1, DUNS 36-690-9096 ISO 9001 certification UKAS, ANSI-RAB (BVQI) business focus in consultancy and outsourcing services: life and mission-critical systems decision support and productivity systems applied research ASIC design, verification and testing
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  • Successful Partnership Outsourcing Solutions in Partnership Business: Medical: Medtronic (USA) pacemakers and implantable devices, patient care systems LINET hospital beds and other equipment Automotive: Bosch (Germany) vehicle diagnostics Teradyne (USA/GB) vehicle diagnostics Air Traffic Management: Frequentis (Austria) mission-critical Barco Orthogon (Germany) mission-critical Telecommunications: Frequentis (Austria) railways, NASA telecommunication system, London metropolitan police public safety Public Sector: Ministry of Finance (CZ) large IT systems ASIC Design: Teradyne (USA/Germany) Large information Systems: Perceptive Software (USA), IBM
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  • Innovations to Market Implementing Innovative Solutions: Advanced Planning and Scheduling Cadence (Germany) in IC design processes Expert Systems Medtronic (USA) Therapy Advisor in pacemakers Production Planning T-Systems (Czech) for Skoda Auto in production planning and simulation Prediction Systems Grundfos (Denmark) pumps diagnostics 6 German gas re-sellers gas consumption prediction Network Security co-founder of CognitiveSecurity, the network security company in anomaly detection Vision We would like to be the premier provider of software design and development services, complementary ASIC design and verification services, introducing the most innovative technology solutions by taking full advantage of own applied research. Searching for Innovations: Joint Work-site of CERTICON and: - Czech Technical University in Prague - University of West Bohemia in Pilsen Co-founding Member of national Center for Applied Cybernetics
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  • Even More to Discover Last 4 years of our Applied Research Discovery IRIS - European Industrial Risk Reduction System 2008-20127 th EU frame program I*PROMS - Innovative Production Machines and Systems 2004-20096 th EU frame program CzechVMXT- Dependable- Systems Research 2006-20096 th EU frame program CONTRACT - Cross- Organizational Networked Business Applications 2006-20096 th EU frame program SEVENPRO: Virtual Engineering Environment for Product Design 2006-20086 th EU frame program PANDA - Collaborative Process Automation Support 2006-20086 th EU frame program ECOLEAD - EU Collaborative networked Organizations 2004-20086 th EU frame program Decision systems for production plants III 2007-2011Ministry of Education Research of Passive Houses2007-2010 2007-2010Research of Passive Houses
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  • Conclusion? On one side IT is extremely large playground driven by innovations and new technologies profits are often created by services, built on top of the engineering work engineers must be domain experts everything is possible in the engineering view On the other side what is the core business of an IT company? technology enables innovations, not vice versa building a service requires significant engineering investment understand the domain knowledge is hard everything was possible during the Dot-com bubble At company of our size we discovered: focus to IT playgrounds where even small system impacts end customer directly, innovations are required together with engineering excellence outsourcing services in partnership business model with participation on every product phase this creates potential medical information systems and devices technology transfers to products and services like the network security systems
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  • CERTICON engineering is ready to share risks and success with customers your business development contact person: Lubos Kral kral@certicon.cz tel.: +420 224 904 230 We are Here CERTICON (headquarters) VCLAVSKA 12 120 00, PRAHA 2 CZECH REPUBLIC http://www.certicon.cz http://www.certicon.eu CERTICON TESLOVA 1 301 00, PLZE CZECH REPUBLIC CERTICON Brucknerstrae 6/7 a 1040, VIENNA AUSTRIA


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