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11 Housatonic Automotive Repair Hall’s Garage—37 Hall Rd., West Cornwall 860-672-6289 Bakery So Delicious Home Made—1 Kent Green Blvd., Kent 860-592-0743 Bed & Breakfast Mary

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    CORNWALL FACTS AND FIGURES Location: In northwest Connecticut along the Housatonic River. Area: 46.8 square miles. Population: 1,398 (est. 2014). Government: Selectmen, Town Meeting, Board of Finance; Town Hall (G5). Public Safety: Two Fire Stations (J3, E3). Schools: Regional High School (Falls Village); Technical High School (Torrington); Cornwall Consolidated School (E4); Cornwall Child Center (E4). Libraries: Cornwall Village (G5l); West Cornwall (E2). Places of Worship: Episcopal Church-Chapel of All Saints (D5-at North Cornwall Meeting House); St. Peters Lutheran Church (G4-G5); United Church of Christ (G4-G5). Covered Bridge: (E2). Mohawk Ski Area: (G5-G6). Post Offices: Cornwall (G4) 06753. Cornwall Bridge (J3) 06754. West Cornwall (E3) 06796.

    CORNWALL STREET INDEXAdams Rd B6Applewood La K2 Bald Mountain Rd K3-L3 Baldwin Rd G5 Ballyhack Rd F4 Barn Rd B5-C5 Bell Rd Ext G3 Bell Rd G3 Bolton Hill Rd G4-G5 Bradford Rd C6-C7 Brook Rd J3 Bunker Hill Rd F6-F7 Burlwood La K2

    Camp Rd J7 Castle Rd J5 Cemetery Hill Rd G5 Chapel St E2 Cherry Hill Rd D3-D4 Chester Rd (Warren) M3 Clark Hill Rd G6 Clark Rd J6-J7 Cobble Hill Rd E4 Cogswell Rd E4-E5 College St J6-L7 Cook Rd L4 Cornwall Bridge Rd (Sharon) J1-J2 Cornwall Hollow Rd A7-F6

    Cornwall Rd (Warren) M4-M5 Cream Hill Rd B3-E3

    Dark Entry Rd J3-K3 Day Rd M4 Dibble Hill Rd E3-F4 Dudleytown Rd J5-J4

    Essex Hill Rd G5 Everest Hill Rd J5

    Flat Rocks Rd L7-M4 Ford Hill Rd B6-C6 Fox Rd B6-C6 Frederick Dr M1 Furnace Brook Rd G5-J3

    Gold Rd B3-C2 Grange Hall Rd E4-G5 Great Hill Rd H5-K7 Great Hollow Rd G5-J5 Great Hollow Rd South L6

    Hall Rd F5-F6 Hart Hill Rd E3 Hautboy Hill Rd B7-B6 Hickory La M1 Hollenbeck Rd A7-B7

    Huempfner Rd K2 Hurlburt Rd B7 Jewell St G4-G5 Johnson Rd E6-F6

    Kent Rd J3-M1

    Lake Rd C6-D5 Lime Rock Station (Canaan) A1-B2 Lower River Rd E2-G2 Lower River Rd South J2

    MacCracken Rd B5 Mansfield Rd A5 Mansonville Rd L1-M1 McClelland Rd B5 Milton Rd (Warren) L7 Mohawk Mountain Rd G7-H6 Mount Titus Rd A5-A6 Music Mountain Rd A2-A4

    North Goshen Rd B7

    Old Brook Rd J3

    Perkins Rd K6 Pierce La F4-G4

    Pine St G5 Pond Rd K3-L3 Popple Swamp Rd G4-J3 Poughkeepsie Rd G3-G4 Pritchard Rd L4-M4

    Railroad St Annex E2 Railroad St E2 Rattlesnake Rd D4-E5 Reed Brook Rd B3-C3 Rexford La C3-C4 Rexford Rd C4 River Rd (Sharon) B1-J2 River Rd B2-E2 River Rd South J3 Rocky Cove Rd D6 Route 7 A1-M1 Route 43 A7-F6 Route 45 K2-M5 Route 63 A7-B7 Route 125 E4-G5 Route 128 E2-F6 Rug Rd J3 Rumsey Cir G4

    Schieffelin Dr J3 School St G4 Scoville Rd C5-D4 Seelye Rd L7

    Sharon-Goshen Tpk E2-F6 Smith Pl E2 Soltis La L2 South Rd L7 Stone Hill Rd C5 Swifts Bridge Rd K2

    Tarradiddle La E2 Todd Hill Rd F5-G5 Toomey Rd F7-H7 Town St B5-F5 Town St South F5, F5-G5 Twixt Rd G4

    Valley Rd G5-J5

    Wadhams Rd G6-J7 Wadsworth Rd C4-D4 Warren Hill Rd K2-M4 West Dr G3 West Rd G3 Whitcomb Hill Rd L2-M3 Whitcomb Way L2 Windyways Rd K3-L3 Woodruff La F3 Wright Hill Rd E4

    Yelping Hill Rd C5 Yelping Hill Rd North A4-B5

    Business Directory Automotive Repair Hall’s Garage—37 Hall Rd., West Cornwall 860-672-6289

    Bakery So Delicious Home Made—1 Kent Green Blvd., Kent 860-592-0743 Bed & Breakfast Mary Stuart House Bed & Breakfast—160 Sharon Tpk., Goshen 860-491-2260 Canoeing & River Trips Clarke Outdoors—163 Route 7, West Cornwall 860-672-6365

    Country Market Cornwall Country Market—25 Kent Rd., Cornwall Bridge 860-619-8199 Environmental & Conservation Group Housatonic Valley Association—Cornwall Bridge 860-672-6678 Farm Market Cornwall Farm Market—413 Sharon-Goshen Tpk. West Cornwall 860-672-2969 Fine Art & Framing Housatonic Art & Frame—18 Kent Rd. South Cornwall Bridge 860-619-8097 Firearms Autumn Gun Works, Inc.—3 Bare Hill Rd., Goshen 860-491-4867 Floor Covering Housatonic Valley Rug Shop—20 Kent Rd., Cornwall Bridge 860-672-6134 Gifts The Wish House—413 Sharon-Goshen Tpk., West Cornwall 860-672-2969 Interior Design & Home Furnishings Appletree Design Depot—27 Bee Brook Rd. Washington Depot 860-868-7410 Frames & Furnishings—113 Torrington Rd., Goshen 860-491-2767 Liquor Store Cornwall Package Store—14 Kent Rd. South Cornwall Bridge 860-672-6645 Lodging The Almshouse —7 River Rd. South, Cornwall Bridge 860-248-3155 Mary Stuart House Bed & Breakfast—160 Sharon Tpk. Goshen 860-491-2260 Nature Center Audubon Sharon—325 Cornwall Bridge Rd., Sharon 860-364-0520 Plumber Cornwall Plumbing & Heating—366 Furnace Brook Rd. Cornwall Bridge 860-672-6350 Restaurant The New Goshenette—59 Torrington Rd., Goshen 860-491-9001 Realtors William Raveis - The Pels Matthews Group Washington Depot 860-868-0511 Smokehouse Nodine’s Smokehouse—65 Fowler Ave., Torrington 860-489-3213

    Housatonic fine art & custom framing

    Stephen S. Sperduto 18 Kent Road South • Cornwall Bridge, CT

    860.619.8097 [email protected]















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    GOSHEN FACTS & FIGURES Location: In northwest Connecticut, in hill country west of Torrington, with broad north-south ridges. Area: 45.6 square miles. Population: 2,957 (est. 2015). Government: Selectmen, Town Meeting, Board of Finance. Public Safety: State Police (Troop B); Goshen Volunteer Fire Co. (F4); Ambulance Service by Fire Co. School: Goshen Center School (F4), Grades K thru 6. Places of Worship: Congregational (United Church of Christ) (F4); Latter Day Saints (Mormon) (E4); Roman Catholic (F4). Old Town Hall: (F4). Historical Society: Headquarters in Academy Building (F4). Parks and Recreation: Camp Cochipianee (G3)—playing field, playground, swimming, picnicking, trails for hiking and skiing. Mohawk State Forest—(about 1400 acres) one- fourth of the total area of this Forest is in the southwest corner of Goshen. Ivy Mountain State Park (D4)—This undeveloped tract of 50 acres is at the summit of Ivy Mountain (1658 ft), from which there are far-reaching views. It is accessible only by trail. Post Office: Goshen (F4) 06756.

    Allenby Ct G2 Allyn Rd F1-F2 Apley Rd F4 Ashley Dr G3

    Bare Hill Rd H5 Bartholomew Hill Rd E1-E2 Beach St F3-J4 Bear Swamp Rd H2 Beecher Rd A6 Beech Hill Rd E5-F5 Belshyre Ct G3 Benjamin Ct G3 Benjamin La G3 Bentley Cir G2-G3 Bexley Ct H3 Birchwood La G3 Blackland Rd C4

    Breguet Rd F2 Bruno Rd F2 Brush Hill Rd H5 Brynmoor Ct H3-J4 Brynmoor Dr H3-J4 Bueford Ct G3

    Canterbury Ct G3 Center Rd F2 Chatham Ct H3 Cornwall Dr G2 Cottage Grove Rd F2 Craig La G4 Crossman Rd H3-J3

    Dahlen Dr see Center Rd Davidson Rd E1 Deer Run La G2

    Deming Rd H5 Dresden Cir H3-H4 Dresden Ct East H3 Dresden Ct West H3

    East St North A4-F5 East St South F5-H5 East Cornwall Rd H1-J1 East Hyerdale Dr G3-H3 Elementary Dr F4 Eli Bunker Rd G2-H1 Equestrian Dr G2

    Five & A Half Mile Rd D2-E2 Flora Rd F2

    Four Winds Rd G4

    Gifford Rd F4 Gray La D2-E2

    Hageman Shean Rd C2-C5 Hall Meadow Rd A5-B6 Hemlock Hill Rd J3 Hillhouse Rd D2-D3 Holmes Rd E3 Howe Rd D2 Hyerdale Ct G2 Ives Rd H3-H4 Ivy Mountain Rd C3-E4

    Jakes Rd D6

    Kimberly Rd F5 Kubish Rd J1-J2

    Lake Shore Dr F2 Laurel Hill La E3 Lewie Wadhams Rd F2 Lucas Rd H2-H3 Lucas Hill Rd E5-F5 Lyman La F4

    Mann Rd E3 Marshepaug Rd H3 Milton Rd F2-J3

    Newcomb Rd J3-J4 North Goshen Rd B2-B4 North St B2-F4

    Old Middle St F4-H5

    Page Rd J1 Park Rd F2 Paxton Ct H3-J3 Pie Hill Rd F4-F5 Redwood Ct G2 Reservoir Rd G5 Rock House Rd B6 Rockwall Ct G2 Route Conn 4 E1-F6 Route Conn 43 A1-C1 Route Conn 63 A1-H5 Route Conn 263 A6 Route Conn 272 A5-C6

    Sandy Beach Rd F2-F3 School Hill Rd E3-F3

    Seeley La J1 Seeley Rd J1 Sharon Tpk E1-F4 Shear Shop Rd J2 Shelbourne Ct F3 Shelbourne Dr G3 Sherbrook Dr G3-H3 Squire Ct G3 Stonebridge La C3 Sucker Brook Rd E2 Sunset Dr F4 Sunset Ridge Rd F2 Sutton Ct G2-G3

    Tamarack La C2 Thompson Rd F2 Torrington Rd F4-F6 Town Hill Rd G4-H4 Turkey Hollow La F1-F2

    Tyler Lakes Hgts F2 Tyler Lakes Hgts Ext F2

    Valcove Ct H3

    Wadhams Rd G1-H1 Weldon Ct G2-G3 Wellsford Dr G3-H3 West St F3-G4 West Hyerdale Dr G3-H3 West Side Rd E2-E3 Whisper Pines C3 Whist Pond Rd D6-E5 Winchester Rd A6-B6 Woodale Ct H3 Wynnwood Ct H3

    FRAMES & FURNISHINGS Quality Framing at Reasonable Prices Jim & Diana Bernard • (860) 491-2767

    113 Torrington Road • Goshen, CT Mon: closed, Tues-Fri: 9am-5pm, Sat: 9am-2pm











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