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2013 Adjunct Faculty Conference February 23, 2013 2013 Adjunct Faculty Conference February 23, 2013

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Text of 2013 Adjunct Faculty Conference February 23, 2013 2013 Adjunct Faculty Conference February 23, 2013

  • 2013 Adjunct Faculty ConferenceFebruary 23, 2013

  • IVY Advising: Starfish

  • What is Starfish?Part of Ivy AdvisingStudent success programs to improve student retentionOnline student success environment, facilitating programming for academic advising

  • BackgroundBusiness requirements gatheredRFPVendor chosen StarfishImplementation in phasesWent live October 1, 2012

  • Student DemoStarfish from the student perspectiveStudent flag raisedProcess and what the student seesInteraction with facultyInteraction with advisor

  • Starfish Dashboard

  • Raising a Flag

  • Student View Dashboard (future)

  • Success/StatisticsFall 2012 Flags Raised1st Class Missed 183Academic Concern46,308Academic Plan Concern 78Attendance/Participation18,906General307Missing/Late Assignments16,126Low Grade831 Total82,739

  • Success/StatisticsFall 2012 Kudos

    Positive Academic Performance 40,356Showing Improvement7,024Total47,380

    Total Unique Students reached53,429

  • Phase I FunctionalityEarly alert capabilitiesFlags and KudosInterface with Banner for Name, C#, Email and Phone (all demographic information)Prioritize and track flagsView personalized Student List and Student FoldersSend a message to the student email, text/sms, Facebook private messageSend a message to the students instructors, the flag raiser, or the students advisorsAdd a comment to the flag Resolve a flagCreate an action plan to resolve the concern with a series of to-dos and referrals the student can see

  • Phase II FunctionalityUploaded IAP available in Starfish, interactive IAP available in Phase IIIAbility to filter students based on their participation in an ASA course (or any other course) and review their performance in those coursesAbility to search student lists /students with tracking items based on course or programSystem flag on students who are repeating a course that they had previously takenStudent To-Dos and ReferralsEnhanced Reporting Developed

  • Future PlansPhase IIB (Spring 2013)AppointmentsStudent ViewStudent RemindersPhase III (May, 2013)Automates Individualized Academic PlanReportingPhase IV (August, 2013)Case ManagementFinancial Aid Early Alert

    ***With Connect enabled, the Dashboard now includes upcoming appointments on the Home page, and 2 new Tabs called Appointments as well as a Services tab. *You will see the raise flag details box for the student you selected. Once the system is configured, you will see the list of flags based on those allowed to be raised by your role in this example, the academic concern flag is available to an instructor. Note the disclosable under FERPA note in the drop down description of the flag

    One point here and Ill let Susan speak to this a bit more. Notes/flag comments etc. are bound by regulations/Ivy Tech policies as it relates to FERPA and any other institution guidance that relates to student information. Visibility of notes/flag comments to other users of Starfish (e.g. advising staff, Program Chairs etc.) is based on the permissions for their role, and which students they have a relationship with.

    We have an additional FERPA hand out here - are there any any specific questions? Anyone in this system should be aware of and bound by FERPA but a review/guideline sheet will be important also.

    So one key point of training will be to make sure that all users understand who can what information they are including on Starfish that is disclosable under FERPA, as well as remembering who might possibly see the information they are providing in Starfish. The list of roles that will have access to the notes you enter are listed in the box below the course context. For most of the flags, the instructor will be raising it and including the course context this is part of how the flags are configured.

    *The students dashboard will show their existing courses, and the instructors for those courses on the right hand side. It will also provide on the left hand side information on flags that have been raised they can choose to hide items from this list, but they cant delete or update the flags. ******