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comparison with 7'C of business communication too!!!!


<p>4S OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION</p> <p>MADE BY: MANAV BADHWAR</p> <p>COMMUNICATION Communication is an exchange of facts , ideas, opinions , or emotions by two or more persons.</p> <p> Communication is the process by which info is transmitted between individuals / or organisations.</p> <p>4S OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Shortness Simplicity Strength Sincerity</p> <p>SHORTNESS Refers to the message that can be made brief, verbosity should be avoided , then transmission &amp; comphrenesion of messages is going to be faster &amp; more effective. Flooding message with high sounding words does not create an impact.</p> <p> But the receiver spent a major chunk of his time in trying to decipher the actual meaning of the message , Avoid ambiguity.</p> <p>SIMPLICITY</p> <p>It is used both in the usage of words &amp; ideas reveals a clarity in the thinking process. It is normally a tendency that when an individual is himself confused then he tries to use equally confusing strategies to lead the receiver. Reveal clarity in the thinking process by using simple terminology and equal simple concepts..</p> <p>STRENGTH The strength of a message emanates from the credibility of the sender. If the sender himself believes in a message that he is about to transmit, there is bound to be strength and conviction in whatever he tries to state. Half-hearted statements or utterances that the sender himself does not believe in adds a touch of falsehood to the entire communication process</p> <p>SINCERITY A sincere approach to an issue is clearly evident to the receiver. Suppose there is a small element of deceit involved in the interaction or on the part of the sender. If the receiver is keen &amp; observant, he would be able to sense the make- believe situation and business transactions.</p> <p>COMPARING 7CS WITH 4S OF BUISNESS COMMUNICATION </p> <p>SHORTNESS</p> <p>CLARITY- Use simple words (Avoid them) Simple(Use them) Demonstrate show Visualise see At the present time now Until such time as until/when </p> <p>SHORTNESSCORRECTNESS Give correct facts. Send your message at the correct time. Send your message in the correct style. </p> <p>SIMPLICITY </p> <p>CLARITY using (simple) decide</p> <p>Using nouns verbs (difficult) Make a decision Make the announcement announce Previous experience experience My personal opinion opinion</p> <p>my</p> <p>SIMPLICITYCREDIBILITY If the sender can establish his credibility , the receiver has no problems in accepting his statement. It is a long drawn out process in which the receiver through constant interaction with the sender understanding builds up credibility. </p> <p>STRENGTHCOMPLETENESS Completeness of facts is absolutely necessary. incomplete communication irritates the reader. </p> <p> You should organise your message in such a way that the receiver has no doubts about anything contained in it.</p> <p>STRENGTHCREDIBILITY Generally, credibility in the messages creates trust Between sender &amp; receiver. If the message is of Falsehood then the receiver to dominate the entire communication process. </p> <p>SINCERITYCONCISENESS A readers time is invaluable. Dont make him feel that he is wasting his time in going through your unnecessarily lengthy letter. </p> <p> Include only relevant facts. Avoid repetition. Avoid trite &amp; wordy expressions. </p> <p>SINCERITYCONSIDERATION Adopt the you-attitude- naturally, every person is interested in himself. Therefore we should write letters from their point of view. For ex: thank you for your kind words. you have a better choice etc. Avoid gender bias &amp; negative words For ex: Dear sir/madam, gentlemen/ladies, chairperson(not chairman). </p> <p>SINCERITY Avoid Negative words words wrong right mistake disagree unpleasant appreciate Prefer these you are thank you agree</p> <p>SINCERITY COURTESY In business we must create friendliness with all those to whom we write. Courtesy demands friendly behaviour towards others. Answer the letters promptly. Omit irritating expressions- for ex: unaware , ignored , irresponsible, you neglected etc. Apologise sincerely for an omission/thank generously for a favour.</p>