6 ways to make your ecommerce store viral through social media

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eCommerce Store - Wondering how to get the customers flooding the bandwidth with orders? Keep reading to find 6 ways you can make your store go viral through social media sites.


<ul><li><p>6 Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Store Viral throughSocial Media</p><p>retailemall.com /blog/make-your-e-commerce-store-viral-through-social-media/</p><p>Adam Prattler</p><p>4.83/5 (96.67%) 24 votes</p><p>Photo by Steve Jurvetson / Flickr</p><p>Youve got your e-commerce store all set up, products and services ready to go and now yourewondering how to get the customers flooding the bandwidth with orders. Social media will reachout to all kinds of potential customer you might not have even thought about. But how do you lurethem in?</p><p>Keep reading to find 6 ways you can make your store go viral through social media sites and getyour products flying off the virtual shelves. From current posts and Q&amp;As to image promotionsand word of mouth, you need to get active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and a number of othersocial media sites, where your customers are logging in everyday.</p><p>1. Keep Your Content Current </p></li><li><p>Post daily content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter (4-6 times a day on Twitter), andkeep in mind what time of day youre posting. You posting frequencies will have different impactson a variety of viewers. Two great tools to help you automate your updates are Swayy (for findingnews and articles related to your industry) and Buffer (integrates into your browser and apps tohelp schedule postings).</p><p>2. Image Use on Facebook</p><p>Use images in your Facebook posts, and you can increase your likes by up to 50% over theaverage post. And this can really help your commerce and online store rates. When you post anannouncement or promotion, add a link to the page within the post and include an image to helpentice viewers. An image with the announcement is more appealing and increases click-through.</p><p>3. Get Social Review and Up Your Word of Mouth Marketing</p><p>Increase your sales with product reviews to build trust with your customers and provide someinsight. Reviews will help you attract social traffic to your products pages and ultimately lead tobuys and return shoppers.</p><p>4. Get a Q&amp;A going on Twitter </p><p>Its crucial that you keep your viewers and shoppers engaged in your store and the products youoffer, so pick a day of the week and encourage viewers to post their questions for you. With youranswers to their questions, pick the best ones and post them in a blog. Over time, word will spreadand youll establish yourself as authority.</p><p>5. Play with Your Blog Post Titles </p><p>The title is the first thing a viewer will see, and has a lot pull in if they decide to actually read it.Optimize your titles with simple tips to attract attention, like keeping it short and using everydaylanguage. If your post is a list, use the number of items in your title, and try using psychologicaltraits like fear, desire, and urgency.</p><p>6. Use Pinterest to Create a Complimentary Board</p><p>Provide your customers with deal and info and complimentary items that dont normally sell. Thiswill create incoming traffic for your store and others by promoting each other and sharing acustomer base. Connect your marketing channels around this board and have your socialaccounts drive traffic to it.</p></li><li><p>6 Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Store Viral through Social Media1. Keep Your Content Current4. Get a Q&amp;A going on Twitter5. Play with Your Blog Post Titles</p></li></ul>


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