A guide to job hunting for teaching jobs

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Aimed at BGU students. Contains information advice and links to job hunting sites.


<ul><li><p>JOBSHOP </p><p>Job Hunting for teaching jobs </p><p>When to start applying for Jobs You should start actively seeking work from January / February. Most students get jobs during the summer term </p><p>and jobs will continue to be advertised well into the autumn term. </p><p>The peak for advertised jobs is in April / May as the 31st May is the deadline teachers need to resign by if they wish </p><p>to leave before the end of the school term (31st August). </p><p>Some teaching pools will open their recruitment cycle during the autumn term. You are advised to search the </p><p>local authority website to find out if they run a pool and when they recruit. You can access links to all county </p><p>councils via the Directgov website http://tinyurl.com/lasearch. </p><p>BG Futures: Careers, Employability and Enterprise Services BG Futures staff provide a number of ways to help you find and apply for work. </p><p>Resource Centre Hardy Building Staff are available to answer your enquiries and resources are available for use </p><p>Jobs Boards on campus Located outside the Resource Centre, The Snug, in the Library and SU. </p><p>CV and Application Help Receive help putting together an CV. </p><p>Jobs+ Vacancies Board </p><p>http://bishopg.prospects.ac.uk </p><p>Search under Graduate Jobs. </p><p>You can also set up an email alert </p><p> Jobs+ Connect Database </p><p>Create an online profile to be </p><p>contacted with job opportunities. </p><p>BG Futures Module on Blackboard </p><p>Information on Services, searching &amp; </p><p>applying jobs, PG &amp; further study. </p><p>Contact us: bgfutures@bishopg.ac.uk | 01522 583605 | Resource Centre in Hardy | </p><p>Where to look for jobs Local Press </p><p>Local Newspaper: You can keep up to date with new vacancies online at www.lincolnshireecho.co.uk </p><p>Links to local newspapers: | www.wrx.zen.co.uk/britnews.htm | www.thepaperboy.com/uk/ | </p><p>County Councils </p><p>Local County Councils will advertise their teaching posts through their own websites. You can access all Local </p><p>County Council Councils through: http://tinyurl.com/lasearch </p><p>Jobcentre </p><p>Search for a range of vacancies throughout the country. https://www.gov.uk/jobsearch </p><p>Career fairs and events </p><p>We run a Teaching Convention each year at BG. The fair includes timetabled talks for your course and a market </p><p>place of employers for you to find out about job opportunities. </p><p>Overseas Teaching </p><p>www.tes.co.uk | www.jobs.guardian.co.uk | http://teacherport.com | </p><p>Teaching English Abroad. The Resource Centre has books and information on TEFL including a factsheet of where </p><p>you can train and find work. Also find information on Blackboard on the Search and Apply for Jobs section. </p></li><li><p>P a g e | 2 </p><p>Useful Websites for teaching jobs: </p><p>LOCAL </p><p>www.lincolnshire.gov.uk Lincolnshire County Council </p><p>www.lincolnshireecho.co.uk Lincolnshire Echo </p><p>NATIONAL </p><p>www.eteach.com Search by County for teaching jobs </p><p>www.explorelearning.co.uk/careers Teaching jobs and Part time tutor jobs </p><p>www.greateducation.co.uk Search by sector or area </p><p>www.schoolvacancies.co.uk Greensheets </p><p>www.isc.co.uk Independent Schools Council </p><p>www.nijobfinder.co.uk NIJobFinder, search for jobs in Northern Ireland </p><p>www.prospects.ac.uk Vacancies and general career advice </p><p>www.prosperoteaching.com Search for jobs </p><p>www.schooljobsearch.co.uk Search for jobs in schools </p><p>www.teachvac.co.uk Register to receive job alerts, view advice newsletters </p><p>www.tesjobs.co.uk National Teaching Vacancies </p><p>LEAs </p><p>www.direct.gov.uk Local County Council Councils </p><p>TEACHING JOB AGENCIES </p><p>Recruit for permanent jobs, as well as short term and temporary work. </p><p>www.yell.com | www.rec.uk.com has a searchable database for Lincolnshire based agencies. </p><p>www.agencycentral.co.uk search for agencies and jobs by job sector. </p><p>TEACHING OVERSEAS </p><p>www.teacherhit.com Teaching jobs in Europe </p><p>www.britishcouncil.org Teaching overseas opportunities </p><p>https://ec.europa.eu/eures/home.jsp?lang=en Find Jobs in Europe </p><p>EARLY YEARS TEACHING </p><p>www.4children.org.uk Search for nursery jobs </p><p>www.brighthorizons.co.uk Search for Early Years Teaching/Nursery Jobs </p><p>www.nurseryworldjobs.co.uk/jobs/ Nursery World Jobs </p><p>GUIDES AND ADVICE </p><p>www.bishopg.ac.uk/careers &amp; BG Futures section on Blackboard </p><p>www.education.gov.uk/schools Department of Education </p><p>www.direct.gov.uk Links to all County Councils web page </p><p> BG Futures: Careers, Employability and Enterprise Operates in accordance with the University Diversity and </p><p>Equality Policies. </p><p>If you require this document in an alternative format, for example in large print, please email us at </p><p>bgfutures@bishopg.ac.uk </p></li></ul>