AC DOC 16-8 Rowman and Littlefield June 2016 Publishing Report

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  • LITA Guides

    Rowman & Littlefield Update June 1, 2016

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    Digitizing Flat Media (Joy M. Perrin)

  • Digitizing Flat Media:

    Principles and


    Joy M. Perrin

    December 2015

    Combined Formats: 124 units sold

  • In Production

    The Librarians Introduction to Programming Languages

    Library Service Design

    Data Visualization

    Mobile Technologies in Libraries

    Innovative LibGuides Applications

    Integrating LibGuides into Library Websites

  • The Librarians Introduction to

    Programming Languages July 2016 Backorders:

    Baker & Taylor: 45 units Ingram Brothers: 10 units Barnes & Noble: 1 units Amazon: 3 units Books etc: 2

    Librarians Introduction to Programming Languages is the best

    thing I've seen written for librarians who want to know why computer programming is important in libraries. Libraries are about many things. Some of those things are data and information. Computers excel at creating, storing, manipulating, and disseminating data and information. The intersection of these two worlds is librarians who program. Using examples from Library Land, this book, compares, contrasts, and introduces a wide range of programming languages. Given this book, a networked computer, and a few hours of time, the reader ought to be able to write their very first program in any number of popular languages and consequently learn how programming is essential to the profession.

    Eric Lease Morgan, Digital Initiatives Librarian, University of Notre Dame

  • Library Service Design A LITA Guide to Holistic Assessment, Insight & Improvement

    June 2016


    Baker & Thomas: 39 units

    Barnes & Noble: 2 units

    Amazon: 7 units

    Ingram Brothers: 8 units

    If you want to help reduce friction between your

    librarys users and services, then read this book. Joe Marquez and Annie Downey present a holistic, user-centered approach to creating silo-spanning services that satisfy and delight. Matthew Reidsma, Web Services Librarian, Grand Valley State University

    This practical, wise volume is packed with insights and tools that will inspire and empower you to rethink business as usual at your library. I cant wait to share it with my team. Courtney Greene McDonald, Head, Discovery & Research Services, Indiana University Libraries

  • Data Visualization: A Guide to Visual Storytelling for Librarians

    September 2016

    Data Visualization tells the librarys data story, not through dry statistics and text, but through real-life case studies from libraries that describe how data visualizations clearly illustrate such library roles as research activity, teaching information literacy, and collection development. This LITA Guide also describes tools libraries use to create the visualizations and demonstrates how data visualizations can convey library data in a quick, comprehensive, visually stimulating, entertaining way that emphasizes the importance and relevance of the library and its services to todays populace.

    Beverley E. Crane, Former Trainer & Instructional Desginer, DIALOG; and author of Infographics: A Practical Guide for Librarians

    Data visualization can transform dry and complex data into fascinating insights and help librarians discover new patterns and trends easily missed otherwise. For this reason, data visualization is a highly relevant topic to libraries. Data Visualization: A Guide to Visual Storytelling for Libraries offers readers a practical overview of what it takes to visualize library data from data cleanup and preparation to design principles and specific tools and techniques through a number of interesting case studies, which illustrate how libraries can utilize data visualization for real-world benefits. Bohyun Kim, Associate Director for Library Applications and Knowledge Systems at University of Maryland, Baltimore, Health Sciences and Human Services Library; and author of Understanding Gamification and The Library Mobile Experience: Practices and User Expectations

  • Mobile Technologies in Libraries

    September 2016

    Awaiting endorsements from Robin Hastings and Jennifer Koerber

  • Innovative LibGuides Applications:

    Real World Examples October 2016

    Whatever role you fill at your library -- instruction librarian, web librarian, LibGuides administrator, or guide creator -- youll find something new, interesting and useful in Innovative LibGuides. It covers a vast spectrum of topics from technology tweaks, to user engagement, to instructional design. Its a thoughtful and deep dive into how to use the LibGuides platform in creative and smart ways. Jason Puckett, Georgia State University, author of Modern Pathfinders: Creating Better Research Guides

  • Integrating LibGuides into Library

    Websites October 2016

    Integrating LibGuides into Library Websites is the

    LibGuides cookbook you have been eagerly waiting for. The book helps you head straight to your area of need and interest to get practical information about designing, using and managing LibGuides for your library. Written from the perspective of academic librarians, this book walks you through four areas of LibGuide Use and Management. Each area focuses on a specific LibGuide skill: Creation and Justification of your Guide, Managing Your Guide, Designing your Guide and Using your LibGiuide as an instructional tool. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to pick up a book and go right to the chapter I need knowing I will find great information when I get there. The book contains a balance of theory and practical steps to engage many different types of readers. Also invaluable are the references at the end of each chapter for further exploration. Maurice Coleman, Host/Producer T is for

    Training and author of Crash Course in Presentations

  • Under Contract

    Melody Condron, The Digital You: A Guide to Personal Digital Archiving

    Delivery Date: September 2016

    Publication Date: March 2017

    Bobbi Newman, Protecting Patron Privacy

    Delivery Date: June 2016

    Publication Date: January 2017

  • Under Contract

    Carl Antonucci & Sharon Clapp, The LITA Leadership Guide

    Delivery Date: September 2016

    Publication Date: February 2017

    Carson Block, Managing Library Technology

    Delivery Date: October 2016

    Publication Date: March 2017

  • Under Contract

    Michael LaMagna, The LITA Guide to Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials

    Delivery Date: October 2016

    Publication Date: March 2017

    Scott Young & Doralyn Rossman, Using Social Media to Build Library Communities

    Delivery Date: January 2017

    Publication Date: July 2017